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BUILD UP Skills Netherlands At Work (BUILD UP Skills N@W)

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The main objective of BUS_N@W was to reach cooperation between the most important actors and stakeholders in order to complete the schemes for post-initial training, based on the BUILD UP Skills Pillar I project, and to unlock the available courses and trainings for the workforce in the Netherlands.Key steps required to achieve the outcomes are:
  1. The development and implementation of official accreditation and endorsement of existing post-initial training schemes;
  2. Prepare for funding of post-initial training courses (subsidies like ESF, but also commercial funding);
  3. Development and implementation of a qualification structure for post-initial training. This includes a feedback loop to the qualification structure for initial training, in order to make the qualification-system sustainable in its entirety;
  4. Development of the missing qualifications;
  5. Development and implementation of multi- or interdisciplinary schemes;
  6. Adding the developed schemes and the inventory of courses made in Pillar I to existing course catalogues. And last but not least;
  7. Training of ‘trainers’, who will become ambassadors both on a branch-level and in companies or training providers. 
This will lead to a massive roll-out by market actors of their up skilling activities. As a result the workforce will be better skilled for the job.


  1. Increased demand for training courses and unlocking of potential financing sources.
  2. Schemes and courses have been developed, including train the trainer.
  3. The developed material is based on the NL-QF and the European Qualification Framework (EQF).
  4. A network of trained teachers, trainers and HR-advisors.
  5. The existing potential is unlocked for the market by several communication activities, including two national work conferences.
In numbers
  • 10.000 upskilled employees in 2015
  • 89 trainers trained
  • 39 HR-advisors trained
  • 140 workplace trainers trained
  • Clear view on available courses and their quality
  • Good training materials for interdisciplinary craftsmanship
  • A flexible monitoring system
  • Unlocked €40.000.000 of additional funding

Lessons learned

  1. Endorsement, endorsement, endorsementEndorsement is the keyfactor for upscaling upskilling actionsIn BUS_N@W we have not foreseen enough time for endorsement activities.Luckily the involved branch-organisations are gearing up, this creates room for endorsement activities.
  2. Regional approachMost craftsmen in the Netherlands will not travel a long distance to training. Therefore, for massive upskilling the regional infrastructure must be upskilled first. This takes a lot of effort and endorsement.
  3. Create synergies between National initiatives and BUILD UP SkillsBy creating synergies between BUILD UP Skills and national initiatives, a broad recognition of the value of craftsmanship is created. This recognition is needed to enhance the demand for upskilled craftsmen.

Partners and coordinator

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Stichting Opleidings
Contact point: 
Mr Jan Cromwijk
+31 610796319
Mr Peter Smulders
+31 348 437305


In brief

01/10/2013 to 30/09/2015
Contract number: 

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