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BUILD UP Skills Netherlands (BUILD UP SKILLS NL)

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DuBUS project was aligned with the 2020 objectives, the flagship initiative for a resource-efficient Europe, the New Skills for New Jobs initiative, the RES directive and the EPBD-recast which identifies the substantial need for up skilling by training and certification. DuBUS combined national forces to increase the number of qualified ‘blue collar’ workers covering all relevant crafts and professions for meeting the 2020 objectives in the building construction sector. Implementing intelligent energy solutions and constructing nearly zero-energy buildings in The Netherlands requires new skills for the existing and new workforce. The project provided the framework and the roadmap for achieving this required up-skilling.


  • We have created graphical sketches of current job profiles and the changes that will effect these job profiles. These sketches are very suitable talking pictures that have been used to explain the coming changes for the different occupations. For the discussion of the roadmap with platform partners we designed a visual analysis model. By using this model all stakeholders were able to see the impact of BuildUpSkills and appoint their own role.
  • Total number of organizations participating in the platform: 147 participating, around 40 by signed letter of support. - 40+VET-schools, 10 post-initial training institutes - 2 conferences and more than 20 bilateral meetings organized The platform's primary objective is to ensure continuity and integrated implementation of the actions taken by BuildUpSkills.
  • Number of workers involved in the (construction/building/craftsmen and other on-site workers): 350.000 Number of workers requiring training: 250.000 Number of workers currently trained: data not available Professions with the highest needs: 1) carpenters; 2) mechanics/electrical installations mechanics; 3) plasterers 4) roofers 5) bricklayers
  • - Development of a qualification structure for craftsmanship (B.4.2) - Development of interdisciplinary courses (H.15.1) - Development of quality assurance of post national courses (F.19.1)
  • By combining the setup of the National Platform with the endorsement activities we have ensured that BuildUpSkills will be part of the national strategy in the sector. Characteristic for the market actors is that they usually function as an umbrella organization for tens to thousands of companies. We inform them so that they in turn can inform their members and embed the actions in their policies.

Lessons learned

  • There was much confusion by the market actors on the skills that have to be trained. Therefore all market actors are eager for the results of the analysis. The available information is too much scattered.
  • Investments in developing and providing training are usually done too late. The training providers need sufficient demand by learners before developing and providing trainings. That mass is coming if sustainable building becomes a success. But before that success well trained and skilled workers are needed.
  • There are a lot of National initiatives going on. Committed market actors bringing results to the attention of these initiatives works very well for getting broad attention and fast endorsement.

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OTIB, Eduation and development fund
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Mr Peter Smulders
+31 348 437305


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01/11/2011 to 30/04/2013
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