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The project "BUILD UP Skills – Luxembourg" will prepare Luxemburg’s building sector in general and specially the blue collar workers to face the challenges resulting from the 2020 targets. It assembles all important stakeholders to develop a national qualification roadmap. The focus will be on the question, how to build up sustainable skills in the building sector, considering the steps: • Understand the status quo (collection of existing data, on-site enquiry) • Describe the main contents and needs of future training programs • create a "culture of change" • sustain the training program o by regular measurements of the results o by continuous motivation for participating in the program. One target of the project will be a program to train new capabilities and skills necessary to build "nearly zero energy houses" and very energy efficient standards in refurbishment. The second part of the Luxemburgish roadmap will focus on the question how to create and to sustain a "culture of change". Setting up formation programs is important. In the Luxemburg project it is as well important to motivate the blue collar workers to go there and to motivate the head of the craftsman business to send their workers to the programs. In addition to these national aspects, it is important to consider the specific situation of Luxembourg, which has a high amount of frontier workers. These workers are educated by the systems of the neighbour countries (Germany, Belgium, and France). Only 25% of the blue collar workers on building-sites are educated in the Luxemburgish VET. These differences in education systems must be respected in the skill gap analysis and the training programs. An on-site enquiry will help to analyse the existing know-how on building-sites and the special needs for innovative training methods (multilingual situation etc). A national consortium will manage the process and a 2-level-platform will take an active part in the development of the roadmap. In order to guarantee an efficient work progress of the project, the platform will be divided in leading partners and associated partners. The leading partners will take an active part in the work meetings of the platform. They are ready to support the development of the roadmap by their experience in the building sector, their experience in setting up and executing training programs. Associated partners are identified to be important for a widely accepted roadmap. To insure this endorsement, these partners will be kept informed over the whole process by taking part in the regular information meetings, where interim reports will be presented. Associated partners will have the opportunity to give their commands and input to the roadmap during the information meetings or can deliver a written statement afterwards.


  • Status quo and skill gap analyses
  • Create a will of change in the building sector Definition of a clear vision of all stakeholders where to go
  • A Roadmap containing training programs and a strategy to create the will and culture of change in the workforce of the building sector
  • Increasing the acceptance of energy efficient buildings and of Renewable energiesFrom 2017 on the passive house will be the obligatory standard for new constructions in Luxemburg. Building clients would like to build passive already, but doubt to find craftsmen who master the needed skills. The build up skills initiative can approve these skills and reassure clients that passive house constructions are no field of experiment.
  • Increasing the attractiveness of skilled crafts to school leyvers A main goal is to increase the acceptance of highly efficient energy performance of buildings and of installations of renewable energies.

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Myenergy GIE
28, rue Michel Rodange
L-2430 Luxembourg
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Christiane Conrady
00352 40 66 58 38


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29/06/2012 to 28/12/2013
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