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France has already carried out consistent work to determine training needs of building sector’s workforce at national but also regional and local levels. Different initiatives have also already been undertaken to train these workers. However, real barriers seem to exist to effectively reach all workers and craftsmen of the building sector and thus achieve energy efficiency (EE) targets set at the European and national levels for that sector. The aim of the "Build Up Skills France" action is to remove these barriers by defining a concrete roadmap for massive skills acquisition of building sector’s workforce until 2020. The project aims also to: • Undertake a quantitative and qualitative assessment, shared by all stakeholders, of current training demand and supply existing in France for the acquisition of the new skills required in the building sector for all "on-site" workers, as well as a review of the initiatives and experiments already carried out at different levels (national, regional, local) ; • Elaborate an action plan (a "roadmap") in consultation with all relevant stakeholders (employers’ associations, trade unions, vocational training centers, relevant authorities, etc.)


  • A national roadmap shared and validated by all stakeholders and endorsed by all relevant institutions and authorities
  • A quantitative and qualitative review of French current training system on these issues, as well as possible innovations, to be shared by all stakeholders
  • A coordinated mobilisation of all relevant stakeholders concerned by the acquisition of new skills by building sector’s workforce regarding energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in buildings

Lessons learned

  • The status quo analysis compiles a wealth of information on various training initiatives in France. It gathers data from 120 reports and studies. 634,273 workers are employed in the BUILD UP Skills target group (on-site workers), 42% being low skilled workers. Approximately 150,000 people enter the building sector each year. Currently 62,000 building workers receive continuing education.
  • France has set ambitious objectives and targets for the building sector: renovation of 400,000 dwellings per year and of 800,000 dwellings per year by 2020. France has already put in place initiatives to support training on energy performance such as FEEBAT, Qualit'EnR (for quality installation of renewable energy systems) and PRAXIBAT. Nevertheless, it is estimated that 1,300,000 employees and craftsmen will have require upskilling by 2020.
  • To meet these needs, 12,000 trainers will also require training.

Partners and coordinator

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Alliance Villes Emploi
Contact point: 
Marie-Pierre Establie
+33 1 43 12 30 40


In brief

30/05/2012 to 30/11/2013
Contract number: 
IEE/12/BWI 429 SI2.623223

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