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The aim of QUALERGY2020 is to provide necessary information on the actual workforce needs considering the 20-20-20-goals (numbers and specific qualifications) in the buildings sector in Germany. Thereby the focus is laid on the ‘on-site/blue collar workers’ (construction workers, craftsmen and installers).Therefore, the Status-Quo-Analysis will deliver in a first step quantitative and qualitative information of the existing workforce and the qualification programs. Furthermore the Status-Quo-Analysis will include a projection of the workforce needs and the needed qualification bundles in 2020 (also quantitative and qualitative).On this basis a gap-analysis will show differences between the existing and the needed workforce and qualification programs. This information is used for specific recommendations on how to build up the needed workforce, which are discussed with all relevant stakeholders. The discussion process shall result in a national qualification roadmap for Germany with suggestions for new or modified qualification courses and a sufficient workforce supply.


  • Analytical information on the qualification needs in 2020 (quantitative & qualitative) in the building sector
  • Analytical information on the existing workforce (status quo) with a projection to 2020
  • • Analytical information of existing competencies in the VET and further qualification programs
  • • Analytical information on the gaps between needed workforce and existing / projected workforce as well as on the gaps between needed and existing qualification programs
  • National qualification platform with all relevant stakeholders and ‘Roadmap’ for achieving the 20-20-20-energy targets in the Buildings Sector

Lessons learned

  • Although there is a large number of statistical material in Germany a consistent database for the building sector is missing. This is the case for residential buildings and even more for non-residential buildings. An improvement of this database is urgently required.
  • The Peer-Review-Process would be even more effective if it would start with dedicated teams at the beginning of the project. Then the different approaches could be compared and give suggestions for each other country.
  • New basics, that were built up during the project - for example, the overview of the VET-Courses in the fields of energy efficiency or renewables in Germany - should be continued and expanded in the future.

Partners and coordinator

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German Confederation of Skilled Crafts e.V.
Contact point: 
Dr. Peter Weiss
+49 30 20619263


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01/11/2011 to 30/04/2013
Contract number: 
IEE/11/BWI/466 - SI2.604351

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