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The objective of this project is to pave the ground for the significant improvement of the skills of the workforce in the Building sector in Cyprus making the enterprises and their employees, specifically those in relevant occupations, capable of achieving the EU 2020 targets. In order to achieve this, the national status quo will be thoroughly analysed, the barriers and gaps will be identified and a Roadmap will be developed. The Consortium formed for the project, has the widest possible participation of the major actors in Cyprus, whereas other actors are expected to contribute and finally endorse the project’s outputs. The project is expected to lead towards the upgrading of the skills of the workforce in the Building sector but also of workforce found in sectors relating to the energy efficiency and the utilisation of Renewable Energy Sources in buildings. This will contribute significantly towards achieving Cyprus’ energy targets by 2020 and at the same time complying with the EU directives on Energy Performance of Buildings and the EU2020 targets.


  • Analysis of the Current Situations in the Continuing Vocational Education and Training frameworks available and access competence of these frameworks to provide the adequate education and training for the Workforce towards construction of Near Zero Energy Buildings
  • Analysis of the General characteristics of Building Sector in Cyprus. Also, provide information on the general craft and professions related to the building sector and access their skills and competences as well as the quantitative issues which may be related.
  • Along with the previous two results, further information on several policies followed by the national government in the fields of Energy and Continuing Education
  • Bring together all the stakeholders involved in the Building Sector (the national Qualification Platform) in order to provide all stakeholders with information regarding possible proposed legislation, directives, future qualification schemes and receive their views and feedback as well as form a long lasting partnership for further developments.
  • Develop the Roadmap to provide a solid all round guideline towards filling the quantitative and qualitative gaps in the Building Sector workforce with respect to all professions crafts and selected skills.

Lessons learned

  • Training needs for the construction sector will grow until 2020.Between 2000 and 4500 workers will need training annually in Cyprus until 2020.
  • Employment in the Construction sector rose significantly over the years, with the number of employed persons increasing from 28.759 in 2000 to 46.217 in 2008, which then followed a downward trend due to the economic crisis, with the number of persons decreasing to 44.732 in 2011 (11,9% of total employment).

Partners and coordinator

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Cyprus Institute of Energy
Contact point: 
Mr Iosif Spyrides
+357 22606039


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12/11/2011 to 11/05/2013
Contract number: 
IEE/11/BWI/516 - SI2.604359

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