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Development of a qualification scheme for across-the-crafts training of professionals in the construction industry (BUILD UP Skills CrossCraft)

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The objective of “BUILD UP Skills CrossCraft” was to develop a qualification scheme for across-the-crafts training of professionals in the construction industry (e.g. general foremen, foremen, skilled workers, craftsmen and helpers in building construction and building services). By providing this qualification scheme, the project aimed to improve the competence of skilled workers in the Austrian construction industry, which are necessary for the achievement of the nearly zero-energy building standard.The developed qualification and training schemes complemented the great variety of on-going trainings in Austria. The developed training courses are a relevant contribution to reach the targets of the EPBD (Austrian workforce is skilled according to the requirements of the EPBD) by the Austrian stakeholders.To warrant the large-scale and long-term approach, the pilot courses got implemented, monitored and evaluated all over Austria (21 pilot courses got implemented during the action). Furthermore, concepts for financing as well as strategies for establishing the training schemes within the continuing education and training sector were developed.


  • A solid basis for the implementation of the short on-site course modules was created and new concepts for financing the new training courses were developed.
  • Based on the recommendations of the Austrian BUILD UP Skills roadmap a curriculum for modular national training courses was developed. The following new course modules were developed, implemented and evaluated during the action: CrossCraft training on construction site (duration: 3 to 4 hours), Basic CrossCraft module off-site training (duration: 16 hours/two days), Advanced training modules off-site trainings (duration: 8 hours/one day), Compact CrossCraft module off-site training (duration: 32 hours/four days), On-site quality coach module off-site training (duration: 24 hours/three days);
  • Based on the new developed curricula 21 pilot courses were implemented at different appropriate locations all over Austria (195 participants reached).
  • The implementation, funding and advertising/promotion of the pilot courses regarding appropriateness and achievement of the objectives was analyzed and suggestions for the improvement developed – especially in order to ensure the aimed sustainability and scope ("large scale") of the action (see evaluation report available on
  • 28 promotion events were organised all over Austria in order to reach relevant stakeholders and to guarantee the dissemination of the project results including advertising/promotion of the new training courses (see

Lessons learned

  • There currently is a strong market demand for the short on-site trainings in Austria. The implementation of the two to four days off-site trainings proved to be difficult. The main reason for this challenge are the impacts of the economic crisis on the Austrian construction sector. Construction companies reduce their fixed employees to a minimum (to reduce fixed costs). Therefore, SMEs are less likely to allow their workers to attend further training courses as they need them continuously on-site.
  • From the implementation of the first “on-site training courses” we learnt that these courses should be organized together with an “air-tightness-test” (blowerdoor test) of the building. By the “air-tightness-test” craftsmen can easily recognize problems occurring by poor workmanship and can learn how to perform better. In addition “on-site training courses” provided the possibility of discussion and technical communication among the craftsmen of the different professions. The possibility of discussion and technical communication among craftsmen has been recognized as a major advantage as such communication at the construction sites is unfortunately very rare.
  • A “direct marketing strategy” made it possible to strenghten the bilateral exchanges with the SMEs. This led to the successful implementation of the two to four day off-site CrossCraft training modules.

Partners and coordinator

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Austrian Energy Agency
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Georg Trnka


In brief

01/11/2013 to 30/06/2016
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