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Build a greener and a more sustainable 2020 (BUILD UP SKILLS CONSTRUYE2020)

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Construction sector has a lot to contribute to 20-20-20 objectives. The Build Up Skills initiative aimed to boost the training on-site workers of the building sector on the topics of energy efficiency and renewable energy. In the Pillar I (2011-2013), the Spanish team, also coordinated by Labour Foundation for Construction, identified specific training needs and elaborated a National Roadmap which included 29 training actions to consecutively put into practice. On this basis, 19 actions were prioritized to carry on in Build Up Skills Pillar II (2014-2016) integrating those contents in an all-inclusive view related to the energetic aspects to take into account for an on-site worker to renovate a building.As a result, the partnership implemented the Construye 2020 app, launched in March 2015, which effectively contributes to the training scenario innovation, being useful both as a tool for trainers as well as for self-learning. It drives through five key sections – energy efficiency, external carpentry, renewable energies, insulation and efficient installations - with technical content, tips for carrying out the work, practical exercises and good practises.Four baseline factors led the development of this training tool, so that it should: a) answer the worker’s training needs; b) be designed according to pedagogical needs, in a friendly framework; c) be innovative, making a didactic tool available for mobile devices; and d) contribute to the 2020 strategy.


Result 1 - 9 Training actions, including didactic guides for trainer and trainees.Profitable economic parameters in EE, Placement of insulation , Aluminum and PVC carpentry, Heating / air-conditioning, EE in buildings, Renewable energy systems in buildings, Geothermal installations, Biomass installations, Retraining trainers EE and RES. Result 2 - APP education on best practices in energy rehabilitation "Construye2020".Is one of the best results achieved during the project and integrates good practices on EE that includes not only the training simulator on geothermal and biomass energy systems, but also another important parts for energy renovation such as insulation, energy efficiency, installations, etc. It is conceived as a learning tool to transfer knowledge concerning energy efficiency within the building activity. Link Google Play in ES and EN: Construye 2020 - Build up 2020Link Apple Store in ES: Construye 2020 Result 3 - Prospective labor market observatory on EE and RESPermanent observatory that aims to anticipate changes in the labor market and related training needs, allowing that way to adjust the qualifications and training thereof. The observatory is composed of two tools, an “on-line survey” concerning training needs and s “Statistics visor”. Result 4 - Integrated on-line platform of information and guidanceWebsite specialized in informing exclusively about training related to energy topics and about the training available related to EE and RES topics. The VET platform contains a complete browser to guide the user in the selection of the most suitable VET course for him/her. Result 5 - Five pilot experiences:PVC and aluminium assembler (60h), Improvement of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy trainers (30h); Geothermal energy installation (60h); Renewable energy systems in buildings (60h); Insulation for refurbishment (60h).Attendance-based courses where trainees should met some requirements (work experience, secondary studies, and basic skills in maths, science and technology), and where Construye2020 app was used and assessed by trainers and trainees.

Lessons learned

- Importance of the ICT to divulgate and raise awareness regarding EE and RES solutions. Also, it is really important to foster the delivering of courses on-line as well as to produce new media training resources. - It is absolutely necessary to reach the final users by providing them basic information and general concepts regarding EE and RES solutions in order to stimulate the market demand.- It is necessary to trigger and finance training programs on EE and RES at national level.

Partners and coordinator

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Mr Javier González López
0034 91 3984524


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01/10/2013 to 30/09/2016
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