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"Developing the training schemes and materials for non-qualified and qualified workforce and trainers’" (BUILD UP SKILLS BUILDEST II)

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Building on the Roadmap developed under the former IEE funded Pillar I project BUILDEST, the main aim of the BUILDEST II project is to increase the number and the competences of qualified workforce in the construction sector and to be able to deliver high energy performing renovations and (nearly zero energy) new buildings by carrying out trainings of building workers in Estonia.The main focus is on the implementation of the activities foreseen in the "Action Plan for Training Workforce in the Estonian Construction Sector" (Roadmap) to contribute to the EU 20-20-20 targets via the development of training schemes, efficient training and qualification of workers in the construction sector in Estonia, with a special emphasis on energy efficiency. Considering the size of the Estonian construction sector workforce, the intent is to pave the way to sustainable training and qualification schemes on the national level in the following fields:
  1. construction worker
  2. carpenter
  3. construction finisher
  4. heating, plumbing, ventilation, installers of RES systems and
  5. bricklayers
by targeting training and qualification of the majority of the building workers, both non-qualified and qualified, requiring training by 2020 in Estonia (ca 16 000 workers out of 41 000). Within the project lifetime, 14 different courses (including training materials) will be developed and a pilot training for the trainers (including piloting the new and upgraded training schemes)  


The project expected results are the following:
  1. Development of a training scheme for non-qualified workers;
  2. Development of a training scheme for qualified workers;
  3. Preparation and execution of a trainers'  training module, including the piloting of the training schemes;
  4. Communication of and related to the new qualification requirements and opportunities to target audience, guaranteeing the widest possible availability, accessibility and implementation of project results;
  5. Raising the quality of construction and increasing the share of qualified workforce.

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28/09/2013 to 27/09/2016
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