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Building Refurbishment with Increased Competence, Knowledge and Skills (BUILD UP Skills BRICKS)

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BUILD UP Skills BRICKS has developed tools and methodologies to help the national training systems to increase the knowledge, skills and competences of workers in the field of building refurbishment in order to intensify the introduction of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and improve Energy Efficiency (EE) in old and new buildings to reach Nearly Zero-Energy Building (NZEB) stocks by 2020.The main objectives obtained during the project were:
  • Development of eleven qualification schemes based on the output of the Italian BUS Pillar I roadmap and on the requests from Regions
  • Removal of obstacles detected in the BUS roadmap to promote VET (Vocational & Educational Training) qualification schemes and certification criteria to meet the new requirements in all the Italian Regions and autonomous Provinces.
  • Realization of pilot courses in the building sites to promote good practice at national level
  • Development of seven national standards (UNI/CEI), or drafts of them, for the different workers' profiles based on the EQF schemes
  • Set up of a "BRICKS label" to promote the certification procedure with accredited bodies
  • Production of 10 e-learning courses
  • Training of trainers
  • Promotion of the BRICKS quality label for the enterprises recruiting qualified workers
  • Participation to the update of the "atalante del lavoro" produced by the Ministry of labour
  • Active participation to the mobility of workers workshops for the mutual recognition among European countries.


  1. Engagement of all the Regions, which are updating the regional profiles with the competences in the energy performance for buildings.
  2. Identification of knowledge, skills and competences necessary to certify non-formal and informal competences aligned with EQF
  3. Guidelines for Assisted Training on the Job (ATOJ) for three professional profiles, that is building automation, building envelope and geothermal pump installers
  4. Procedure to request the “BRICKS label” for the companies whose employees are qualified/certified following the BRICKS schemes
  5. Seven National standards (UNI/CEI) or draft of them for installers of both traditional and renewable energies plant based on EQF schemes developed in other EU projects. Some standards are already published others will be published during the 2018.
  6. Production of the following qualification/certification models:
  • Building site trainer
  • Trainer in the energy field
  • Geothermal pump installer
  • Building automation installer
  • Solar thermal installer
  • Biomass plant installer
  • Photovoltaic installer
  • Chimney installer
  • Thermal heat installer
  • Installer and maintainance worker of coat thermal insulation systems 
  • Energy auditor

Lessons learned

The main lesson learned is that the Regions can be involved only through a long consensus process, to allow them to update the existing Regional qualification systems with the new competences for existing professionals and/or new professionals’ profiles. Many regions use different “languages” and different procedures so each Region needs a specific adaptation. The partners and the presence of ENEA territorial centers, in almost any Region, have allowed this adaptation process and already a few regions have updated regional profiles.The other lesson learned is that the labour market is not ready yet to experiment the “on the job training” even if it is considered the only way to qualify the almost three millions of building construction workers. The main difficulties are related to safety issues and to the recognition of competences obtained in non-formal and informal contexts.The pilot actions have demonstrated that training on the building site is very suitable and appreciated by workers, constructors and owners.Finally, no matter how many workshops, publications and concrete results you obtain, the only way to capitalize the results is to speak to the policy makers in a one to one dialogue and this is not always suitable during the life time of a project.

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Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy & sustainable economic
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01/09/2014 to 28/02/2017
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