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Best Energy Efficient Construction and Training Practices (BUILD UP Skills BEEP)

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The project aimed to implement the Roadmap produced in Finland's Pillar I project, which showed that most construction workers would benefit from further training, and energy should be a cross-cutting theme in all basic and further education. The need for short-duration precision training was especially evident. The Roadmap suggested three themes:
  • Development of learning and knowledge;
  • Dissemination of know-how & verification, and
  • Supporting the development of knowledge.
The overall aim of the BEEP project was to increase the number of skilled construction workers, leading to Finland's construction sites achieving ambitious energy efficiency targets. The practice-oriented approach focused on on-site training and practical exercises. The specific objectives were:
  • Identify and document best practice in energy efficient construction;
  • Produce training material for trainers, develop a teacher training scheme, and arranging pilot trainings to test the approach and improve the competence of trainers;
  • Introduce practical on-site training for workers.
  • Produce training materials and new methods, develop and pilot on-site training scheme for training of change agents
  • Ensure interaction between the operating environment and relevant strategic initiatives.
The project combined practical and theoretical expertise in construction, energy issues and education. Wide engagement of stakeholders has been ensured.


  1. A comprehensive publicly available (on-line) toolbox of training material was prepared in different forms (PPT-slides, instruction cards, booklets and videos) and in 5 languages (Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian) based on best energy efficient practices in construction:
  • 9 000 downloads of the trainings material during the action and 12 000 downloads planned by 2020.
  • Instruction cards were particularly well received by workers and the wider construction training community (also in Europe).
  1. Recommendations on practical energy efficient implementation on construction sites with solutions related to heat and moisture physics and building technology were presented through innovative and easily accessible materials (videos, instruction cards, booklets, informative posters) based on practical examples:
  • 400 booklets distributed to construction sites
  • 48200 workers informed
  • 7 videos in use in workers break rooms
  1. Production of teacher training scheme and pilot trainings led to improved competence and motivation of teachers/trainers to take up energy efficient solutions into training programmes. As a result of training carried out by the trained teachers, the competence of construction workforce has been improved:
  • 35 teachers were trained during the action
  1. On-site training scheme and pilot trainings for "change agents" was designed. Change agents were selected from contruction workers to act as multipliers of the training concept on construction sites:
  • 58 workers (change agents) were trained during the action and 800 will be trained by 2020
  1. Various activities were developped to foster collaboration of stakeholders and implementation of the roadmap activities:
  • 240 stakeholders were active in the platform during the action and it is expected that a total of 450 will be part of the platform by 2020

Lessons learned

Involvement of key stakeholders towards the project objectives, activities and outputs is crucial for success. Endorsement and support of the Strategic Advisory Group represented by the key authorities in the construction and training sector was essential for the successful implementation of the action.Investing in thorough material preparation is essential. The facts and details need to be checked and acurate. Elaboration of the material in an adaptable format for two target groups is important though laborious. Visual illustrations/photos/graphs complement the text and translate the message in a comprehensible way by a glance. Wide variety of material in different formats ensures wider adoption and acceptance for use.Using new or uncustomary methods to raise interest in target groups is crucial. The on-site training ambassador promoted the training concept and materials to construction companies. The method was very successful. The on-site training ambassador was welcomed and construction companies committed to send workers to pilot trainings. The on-site training ambassador has been invited to various occasions to train professionals and present the training scheme.Construction industry is very fast-paced with strict schedules not often allowing extra activities like training for workers. Other companies’ workers are not allowed on the construction sites due to strict security. Company specific trainings work the best.

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