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Raising the efficiency of new installed boilers (BOILEFF)

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Installed boilers do not operate as efficienlty as they could. Whilst test cases demonstrate that boilers could achieve very high efficiencies, their practical performance in the field is much lower due to serious shortcomings in real installations. Based on this observation, the aim of BOILEFF was to develop and assess two new market approaches for improving the efficiency of boiler installations across Europe. The first market approach which was developed is a high quality declaration (DHQUI). This declaration is included in the contract between installers and end-consumers and it provides a checklist of quality criteria for a high quality installation. In the second approach called "Guaranteed Performance Quality (GPQU)", the concept goes even further as a high seasonal efficiency of the boiler is then measured and guaranteed by the installer.


  • 77 audits were carried-out showing the different short-comings of boiler installations in the participating countries. These audits showed that there is a clear need for action as many defaults were detected in most of the new and old heating systems.
  • Successful development, deployment and verification of the two new market approaches (“DHQUI & GPQU”).
  • 44 installers and 249 end-consumers took part in the field testing exercise, 29 boilers were equipped with test equipment.
  • Energy savings of 203 MWh/year and greenhouse gas reductions of 73 t/year could be achieved by the field tests.
  • Higher seasonal efficiencies between 7 and 17% points could by achieved by BOILEFF installations in comparison to standard systems.

Lessons learned

  • Installers need to be better trained and ready to change their usual practices.
  • End-consumers are key market players and they need therefore to be better informed about the benefits of a high-quality heating system in order to not always select the cheapest offer (according to the project's results, end-consumers principally accept additional costs up to 10%). - Insufficient transparency of the installation quality is a major problem for the customers. One way of dealing with this issue could be the development of a "Guaranteed Installation Quality Label" for installers.
  • In the case of a guaranteed performance quality contract, installers are generally afraid of end-consumers bringing a lawsuit against them.

Partners and coordinator

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Österreichische Energieagentur
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Mr Reinhard Jellinek
Bernd Schaeppi
0043 1 586 15 24
Dr Bernd Schäppi
+43 1 586 15 24
G?nter R. Simader
Bernd Schäppi
+43 1 586 15 24-147
Marton Varga
0043 1 586 15 24 - 72


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01/02/2007 to 30/09/2009
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