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Changing the heating market mechanisms: Boiler Information System on Efficiency (BISON)

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The performance of domestic central heating boilers is to a great extent linked to their installation conditions. They are generally sold via installers. For this reason, consumer information on these boilers cannot be treated in the same way as appliances such as cookers or freezers. The aim of the BISON project was to set up a web based information system on central heating boilers in order to allow consumers, installers, architects and energy consultants to be better informed about boiler's energy efficiency in a specific environment. The final objective was to change in the long run the market mechanisms while creating a consumer demand for energy efficient boilers. The main outcome of the project is the development of an interactive web tool for consumers, installers and energy consultants that can guide them through the choice of the right boiler for their installation. It is available at the following web address This tool allows in a few clicks to obtain an estimate of the real annual efficiency (only for heating as well as for heating and hot water) of most boilers on the market in many countries.


  • On the website, it is possible for the user to get advice for the following situations:  Find a suitable boiler for a new house  Replace an existing boiler  See all boilers in a stand-alone database.
  • The boiler database has been established and contains more than 1100 boilers. More than 200 parameters were selected to be stored in the database.
  • The calculation tool was connected to the boiler database as well as the ECOdesign calculation model as additional activities.

Lessons learned

  • It is difficult to avoid some differences between input/output parameters from country to country. The main differences can be explained by different geographical location of the countries involved in the project and by national differences such as building traditions, rules of thumb etc.
  • The boiler database: Implementing the test data for boilers received from partners in the common database was a bigger challenge than expected.

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Dansk Gasteknisk Center a/s
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Jean Schweitzer


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01/11/2007 to 30/04/2010
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