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Supporting a Sustainable European Bioenergy Trade Strategy (BIOTRADE2020PLUS)

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The main aim of this project is to provide guidelines for the development of a European Bioenergy Trade Strategy that ensures that imported bioresources are sustainably sourced and used in an efficient way, while avoiding distortion of other (non-energy) markets. Time line is until and beyond 2020, up to 2030. This will be accomplished by analyzing the potentials (technical, economical and sustainable) and assessing key sustainability risks of current and future lignocellulosic biomass and bioenergy carriers (with the main focus on wood chips, pellets, torrefied biomass and pyrolysis oil) from the major sourcing regions of the world (Canada, US, Latin America, Russia, etc.) which are expected to be imported to the EU. A thorough technical evaluation of their production and distribution costs, market prices, main actors involved and sustainability profiles will be provided. A SWOT analysis of all these factors will be carried out for each selected region and results will be presented in a friendly use web-based tool. Strategies to secure sustainable import of biomass will be addressed in a specific task. To do this, it will be necessary to worktogether with current international initiatives such as IEA Bioenergy task 40 and European projects (i.e. Biomass Policies, S2BIOM, Biomass Trade Centers, DIA-CORE), as well as capitalizing knowledge of some previously developed projects and studies (i.e: Biomass Futures, Biobench,BEE, CEUBIOM, 4Fcrops, BioTop, Crops2Industry, GlobalBioPact). BioTrade2020+ aims at releasing relevant information for policymakers, industrial stakeholders, NGOs, biomass standarization and certification organizations and other key actors to help defining long-term strategies /policy frameworks to establish sustainable biomass trade from third countries to the EU in 2020 and beyond. Therefore, this project aims to be a strategic initiative that fits within the strategic actions on Bioenergy Priorities set in the IEE Work Program for 2013.


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