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Biofuels and Electric Propulsion Creating Sustainable Transport in Tourism Resorts (BIOSIRE)

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BIOSIRE aims to establish a shift towards bio-diesel and electric propulsion for fleets, ships and special vehicles in tourist areas in Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Austria. The consortium is composed of regional authorities of tourist areas, energy agencies and research and consultancy organisations specialised in energy, agriculture and transport. BIOSIRE local actions are directed at market transformation and changing the behaviour of fleet operators, tourists and residents, farmers and the potential suppliers of used cooking oils. These actions cover the full production and distribution chain.


  • A database of good practices and a draft implementation handbook both on the topic of bio-diesel and electric vehicles in tourist regions
  • Reaching a visible and measurable shift towards bio-diesel and electric propulsion in tourism related transport in four partner regions (Mallorca, La Rochelle, Crete and Austria) and establishing a sustainable production process for bio-diesel by increasing the number of hotels and restaurants supplying recycled oils and investigating the potential of growing crops locally.
  • An evaluation and a policy recommendations report based on an integrated analysis of the implementation processes in the BIOSIRE regions, with regards to technology, energy, environment and economy and taking the different vehicle types and ways to produce bio-diesel into account.
  • Reports on the potential for market transformation towards more energy efficient transport in tourist areas in Veneto, Poland and Croatia, which are discussed with regional actors.

Lessons learned

  • In progress.

Partners and coordinator

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CINESI, SL, Consultoria de Transport
Contact point: 
Maarten van Bemmelen
+34 971775296


In brief

01/09/2008 to 31/08/2011
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