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Regional Networks for the development of a Sustainable Market for Bioenergy in Europe (BIOREGIONS)

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The "bioenergy regions" enjoy various benefits including increased employment especially for the younger people, and a green image that can boost tourism and business activities. BioRegions fostered the development of bioenergy regions at EU level (in Ireland, Latvia, Czech Republic, France and Bulgaria) building on the work of two most advanced areas (in Sweden and Germany) and documenting their experiences in a way that can be easily replicated. This was achieved with the following plan: i. creation of a comprehensive knowledge platform which collected and evaluated all positive and negative experiences of the "best practice regions", ii. development of guidelines for using quality and sustainability criteria that ensure the technological maturity of bioenergy ventures and their positive development effects for the region, iii. formulation of successful financing strategies comprising private funding from the specific region, institutional investment and money from public sources, iv. define, adopt and implement Action Plans to get at least 1/3 of the energy demand for electricity and heating from biomass, v. encourage and support other regions to replicate the activities


  • Creation of 5 bioenergy regions in representative locations of Europe which will make direct use of the knowledge compiled in the project.
  • This experience will serve as nucleus for replication projects all over Europe, with hundreds of regions directly informed by the project about the perspectives and available tools.
  • The core of the activities in the target regions included the definition and formal adoption of an Action Plan with a timetable and milestones to enhance the share of bio-energy in the regional energy supply to at least one third of the energy demand for electricity and heating.

Lessons learned

  • Selection and involvement of the right stakeholders is crucial to the success of the action plan development and implementation of the project activities in the target regions. The process of developing an action plan by bringing the various stakeholders together is very important and its impact can be even more important that the plan itself.
  • Changing the existing bioenergy market structure in the region is a complex and time consuming process. This is due to the counteraction of local lobby groups and low awareness about the benefits that high quality biomass use provides for the regional economy and people. Energy related data on the local/regional level are not widely available especially for heat, making difficult the assessment of the starting point and the definition of meaningful targets.
  • Best practice visits and the project’s activities have been important in raising awareness, transferring knowledge, inspiring the target regions and have helped to overcome the reluctance of local stakeholders for the adoption of new biomass technologies. Energy efficiency is crucial to achieve the renewable energy targets

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WIP-Renewable Energies
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Michael Papapetrou
0049 89 720 12 792


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01/05/2010 to 01/05/2013
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