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Biofuels Networks in the Community (BIONIC)

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The project will address the issue of biofuel supply and use in transport specifically from the perspective of local authorities. The project focuses on five participating regions:
  • North West England (United Kingdom),
  • Cantabria (Spain),
  • Varmland (Sweden),
  • Prahova (Romania) and
  • Pazardjik (Bulgaria).
The aim of the project is to promote the regional production and use of transport biofuels by establishing regional networks, identifying and promoting case studies in each region, and subsequently developing practical regional biofuel strategies. Regional authorities will lead the way and, ultimately, everyone in the chain, from suppliers to end users, will be involved in boosting biofuels.


  • Networks of biofuel suppliers and potential users created in each of the participating regions.
  • Strengthened biofuel supply chains in each of the partner regions as a result of greater awareness, availability and uptake of transport biofuels.
  • Best practice guidelines explaining the role of local and regional authorities in promoting biofuels in their areas and how to address the market barriers.
  • Case studies that demonstrate these best practices
  • Development of practical regional biofuel strategies

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Partners and coordinator

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Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Suzanne Cain
0044 151 330 1268


In brief

01/11/2007 to 31/10/2010
Contract number: 

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