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Biofuels in Motion information, motivation and conversion strategies for biofuels with consideration of the special regional structures (BIOMOTION)

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BioMotion aimed at increasing the use, knowledge and acceptance of biofuels, focusing both on plant oils and biodiesel and also biogas, ethanol and BTL. Given that one of the main obstacles to the use of biofuels is a lack of awareness and insufficient knowledge, BioMotion created a solid and extensive knowledge platform. An international cluster of relevant actors and seven biofuel information centres were established (one in each participating region: two in Germany, one in Poland, Romania, France, Hungary and the Netherlands). A number of highly visible best practice examples, or "beacons", were used to demonstrate the use of various raw materials for the production of different biofuels on a commercial scale. A BioMotion-Tour, with vehicles powered by several types of biofuels, showed the advantages of using biofuels. The project encouraged the development of biofuel supply chains and highlight market opportunities, particularly in rural areas.


  • Creation of a solid and extensive centralised knowledge and experience platform on production, distribution and application of different biofuels.
  • Show and demonstrate innovative technologies, processes and the use of different raw materials for the production and application of different biofuels on a commercial scale.
  • Increased awareness of the biofuel market by informing and educating the various stakeholders in this field.
  • Offer solutions to current problems and create innovative possibilities to optimise the use of biofuels.
  • Stimulate enterprises and consumers in using biofuels.

Lessons learned

  • The lack of information and training about the use of the different types of biofuels is a major obstacle and the acceptance of biofuels is heavily influenced by the very emotional FOOD vs. FUEL debate.
  • There is a need to organize an international multilingual and native language biofuel information platform for the optimization of the information provision and communication between biofuel producers and users.
  • The formal interest in biofuels is highly dependent on the prices of crude-oil based fuels and the national legislation and tax system. Another lesson is that decentralised production systems are characterised by very high efficiency regarding energy utilization and gain as well as GHG emissions, which means in detail: closed cycles of materials are possible; short transportation distances; low input of fossil energy sources; maximum energy output.

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3N-Niedersachsen Netzwerk Nachwachsende Rohstoffe
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Marie-Luise Rottmann-Meyer


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01/09/2007 to 30/04/2010
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