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Supporting the organization of spot markets supply for wood chips and firewood (BIOMASSTRADECENTRES)

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One of the biggest challenges on national and international level will be the providing of an environmentally friendly energy supply which also supports economically local areas. The national action plans show that a further development in the use of biomass will be essential to achieve the targets fixed for each Member State by European Union. The increasing of biomass plants number, in particular small-medium scale heating systems, implies one assumption that the fuel will be provided all-the-year in an adequate amount and quality. Compared to the market of fossil fuels, the market of wood fuels is often an informal market in which offer and demand don’t match easily each other. With the aim to create a more transparent market for wood fuels, and to mobilise the huge potential of biomasse not yet available for the market, the project Biomass Trade & Logistic Centres has been launched.


  • The consortium has edited a Wood Fuels Handbook in four languages and a Short Rotation Coppices Booklet in five languages which has been highly appreciated by market players and target groups, this deliverables are downloadable on project we site. About 1,300 market players and target groups have joined the training programme of the action makes up for 13 workshops, 14 courses and 7 study tours.
  • 7 new BLTCs entered in operation within the end of the action, mobilizing 4 M€ of investments, creating 10 new jobs, trading 22,600 t/y of wood fuels and saving 16,100 t/y of CO2eq. Accounting also the BLTCs expected to enter in operation in short-term and those which benefitted to the help of the action, 17 new BLTCs will enter in operation, mobilizing 14 M€ of investments, creating 23 new jobs, trading 95,000 t/y of wood fuels and saving 58,700 t/y of CO2eq
  • The consortium has edited the Guideline "Biomass Logistic&Trade Centres - 3 steps for a successful project realization" in five languages. This represents one of the most important deliverable of the action which permit to make available at regional, European and international level the know-how and tools gained during the action, providing technical-economical support to all those market players who intend to evaluate the possibility to invest for carrying out a new BLTCs.
  • The consortium has edited a Catalogue of wood fuels producers in five languages which has been highly appreciated by market actors and target groups, this deliverable has been widely disseminated across pilot regions and at European level. The EN version reported almost 300 wood fuels producers across pilot regions.
  • In some regions the BTC concept – thanks to this action – was recognised to be of strategic importance for the sustainable development of biomass sector, therefore measures for supporting the realization of BLTC were introduced in the Regional Rural Development Plan. In Veneto region a law proposal which allows the building of BTC over agricultural land has been submitted to regional government and will be approved within 2010.

Lessons learned

  • The creation of a BL&TC regional network for producing and trading top-quality wood fuels, run by local farmers and/or forest entrepreneurs is one of essential approaches for a quick switch from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources on a sustainable way.
  • The process for convincing market players to go into investments is a very challenging targets, requiring a great effort and often producing results in longer terms. The framework conditions (legislative, fiscals) are often decisive when not unsure to make the investment by either a private or a public bodies in that evolving renewable fields.
  • Training programme addressed to wood fuels producers are fundamental to improve the professionalism of primary producers and their capacity and competence in marketing their products and the concrete application on the market of the EU quality standard for firewood and chips (EN 14961), lowering the emission factor of domestic heating appliances

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Associazione Italiana Energie Agroforestali
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Valter Francescato


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01/11/2007 to 31/10/2010
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