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Development of Biomass Trade and Logistics Centres for Sustainable Mobilisation of Local Wood Biomass Resources (BIOMASSTRADECENTREII)

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The BiomasTradeCentreII project aims at increasing the production and the use of energy from wood biomass with realization of motivation events that will engage identified target groups to invest in production of energy from biomass. Implementation of quality standard will encourage consumption and boost the biomass market. Additionally, it will raise awareness among decision makers at the local and regional levels to introduce the use of renewable energy in public sector. The proposed project will further develop the idea of its predecessor - the BiomassTrade Centers project. The main lesson learned from this project is that apart from a concept of trade and logistics centres quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) are decisive for a greater consumption of energy from biomass on the market.The aim of the BiomasTradeCentreII project is to transfer existing good practices in biomass production, biomass trade centres and energy contracting to all project partner countries. However, the main focus of the project is put on the quality assurance and quality control.


  • Solid overview on wood biomass production and biomass markets in (State of the art reports) Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Greece, Romania, Catalonia, Spain, Germany and Ireland were prepared. All reports are available in national language and in English at
  • Establishment of wood biomass laboratories network. At the moment 18 laboratories are member of this network. All information's about this laboratories are available on:
  • A technical paper on energy contracting model dealing with technical, economic and legal aspects was prepared by Lk Stmk. This technical paper presents a readymade business model for energy contracting and it includes good practice examples of energy contracting in Austria.
  • Catalogues of wood biomass producers and forestry companies with more than 2000 addresses from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Greece, Romania and Ireland were published in national version and as international version Service provider application was lunched. Service provider is available at:
  • More than 7.950 participants were engaged in different events (workshops, study tours, trainings, match making events, trainings). In total 157 events were organized by consortium. As result of all this events 6 new Biomass trade centres were build and 7 are in progress.

Lessons learned

  • There is strong interest for implementation of Biomass trade centers, but the main barrier in many countries is common investment carried out with a group of forest owners or farmers. Motivated events and one to one meetings are strong tool for helping potential investors to start with the actions toward investment.
  • Wood biomass producers are aware of importance of wood fuel standards but there is lack of information’s about biomass laboratories and the analysis that they have to carry out asses the quality of wood fuels.

Partners and coordinator

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Gozdarski inatitut Slovenije - Slovenian Forestry institute
Contact point: 
Ms Dr. Nike Krajnc
+386 1 200 7817


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01/05/2011 to 30/04/2014
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