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Establishment of regional biomass markets through plant partnerships (BIOMASS PARTNERSHIPS)

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In order to expand the market for RES heating it is necessary to increase the supply and to stimulate the demand. This project will strive to support these issues by creating 9 partnerships, one in every partner’s home country, for delivery of heat from biomass and interact with national agencies to deliver policy objectives with respect to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through the commercial use of biomass fuel sources. In order to succeed in the project it is of vital importance to work with a bottom-up approach, i.e. have the practical market actors involved at the local/regional level at the same time as it is important to work with a top-down approach, i.e. policy makers, municipalities and regional decision makers. The establishment of the regional partnerships will work with these two approaches.


  • At least one partnership created for each region, hence 9 partnerships with at least 5 companies/organisations/persons involved in each partnership
  • Increased sales of biomass and related equipment and services for local and regional market actors in the participating regions
  • Increased market share of biomass in all participating regions
  • Long term goal: at least 10 plants converting to biomass
  • Long term goal: at least 180 GWh heat produced by biomass reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide with 47 000 tonnes compared to oil burning

Lessons learned

  • We have already by now noticed a great interest from market actors as well as policy makers to promote the building up of partnership establishments. 20 feasibility studies have been accomplished in Sweden only.
  • There must be a lot of genuine interested farmers before the networks can be fully established. In Sweden, the steering committee initially decided to start the project with recruiting farmers to come around this barrier. It is also important that the farmers groups mentally work with more than one possible plant, if the first one isn’t successful.
  • It was important that the Federation of Swedish Farmers in west Sweden, LRF, joined the Biomass Partner project. Because of the Biomass Partnerships LRF got additional 82 000€ from the county council. Most of the money was designed to feasibility studies. Last updated: 01.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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Swedish Energy Agency
Contact point: 
Sonja Ewerstein
0046 16 544 2207
Anna Pettersson
+46 (16) 5442037


In brief

01/01/2005 to 28/02/2007
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