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Sustainable biogas market development in Central and Eastern Europe (BIOGASIN)

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BiogasIN aims to develop a sustainable biogas market in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), in particular in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, Romania and Slovenia, using the know-how and expertise from the most developed biogas markets in Europe. The project was designed to address the main bottlenecks in the development of new biogas plants, namely complex permitting procedures and inadequate financing mechanisms. Those bottlenecks was emphasised in many former European projects and experiences. The objective was to create awareness on the feasibility and the benefits of biogas production and use and also to increase the confidence in biogas production technologies. The credibility of biogas production technologies will increase the bankability of biogas projects and fasten the administrative permitting procedures. BiogasIN initiated close collaboration among all stakeholders and vertical and horizontal working groups or associations that will facilitate governments to tailor the biogas policy.


  • Analyses of potential for biogas production from agricultural feedstock were conducted for 28 regions in the 7 target countries, including the related environmental and socio-economic benefits. Information materials for the capacity building of administrative bodies, financing bodies and investors/farmers in the 7 target countries were developed. Permitting and financing procedures for establishing biogas plants in 7 CEE countries were analysed. Guidelines were developed.
  • In total 950 biogas market stakeholders in CEE Europe took part in the capacity building activities: 160 representatives from financing institutions, 290 representatives from administrative bodies and more than 500 potential investors in agricultural biogas plants. More than 900 people active in biogas policy making and in CEE biogas market participated in 14 high level conferences on biogas.
  • More than 200 biogas market stakeholders took part in 7 interactive forums. 36 representatives of administrative bodies, financing institutions and potential investors from CEE countries took part in 2 study tours in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.
  • The regional authorities of 17 regions in the target countries committed to support the development of biogas projects by signing positioning papers.

Lessons learned

  • There is a considerable biogas potential in the 28 target regions of the 7 CEE countries assessed in the course of the project. Nevertheless, due to the existing bottlenecks in permitting procedures the establishment of agricultural biogas plants requires considerable time, which results in a slow market development.
  • In countries with very small biogas markets (e.g. Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc.), there is an urgent need to provide additional support to improve the framework conditions. Without suitable framework conditions, including legislation with feed-in tariffs and willingness of politicians, only very small (if any) developments can be achieved.
  • In countries with established biogas markets non-technical support is also needed. Bioenergy, including biogas and biomethane, are facing continuous criticism. Therefore, there is a need to improve the biogas value chains in order to positively influence the public perception. This includes for example the reduction of environmental hazards and improvement of plant safety, application of mixed energy crops, increase of efficiency (heat use), as well as public consultation for new projects.

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Matko Perović
+ 385 1 6326 141
Ms Ana Kojakovic
+385 (0) 1 6326 135


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01/05/2010 to 31/10/2012
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