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Promoting Biogas in European Regions - Transfer of a supporting acceptance tool for stationary and mobile applications (BIOGASACCEPTED)

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Biogas projects are often not well accepted by local actors (e.g. neighbours). In order to increase acceptance, it should be known which issues are to be addressed. This can be found out by asking and integrating consumers, neighbours and local politicians, plant operators like farmers, organic waste management, biogas equipment designers and producers, local energy suppliers. On the basis of a successful experience in Austria, the project creates tools for increasing biogas acceptance through an interactive process supported by questionnaires, evaluation, local public presentations and communication. Case applications in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Spain will be supported. Regional round tables will derive recommendations for strengthening provincial markets and for creating policies for biogas application. We want to transfer a process that has shown to be useful in Austria (, into high potential regions of other European countries.


  • Questionnaire tool, online, with manuals, addressing neighbours of a (prospected) biogas plant Use/benefit: Operators may find out weaknesses and strengths of their project acceptance - a transferable tool, which may be used also after project end and / or in other countries
  • Application of the tool in 24 cases Use/benefit: Giving support to regional biogas promoters
  • Local events Use/benefit: Spreading information, achieving and increasing acceptance at the end-user
  • Round tables Use/benefit: Enhancing boundary conditions for biogas applications
  • Half-day seminars Use/benefit: informing counsellors and biogas lobbyists on features of the tool and the action.

Lessons learned

  • Avoiding bad odour problems should be a key aim for biogas operators, as this is often a major reason for acceptance problems.
  • Using the questionnaire tool is appropriate in a variety of circumstances and should be accompanied by other activities, such as public relations and networking.
  • Communication with neighbors is necessary for the operation of a plant, and the earlier in the process that they are contacted, the better for acceptance.

Partners and coordinator

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STUDIA-Schlierbach Studienzentrum für internationale Analysen
Contact point: 
Lancaster Bettina, Mag.a
Wolfgang E. Baaske
+43 / 75 82 / 819 81 - 95


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01/10/2007 to 31/03/2010
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