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Exploiting the potentialities of solid biomasses in EU Parks (BIOEUPARKS)

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The project aimed at creating and promoting local biomass supply chains from sustainably managed forests and agricultural residues in nature parks. The project developed, tested and transfered a methodology for the design and management of biomass supply chains in protected areas based on short chains and small scale installations, respecting environmental and socio-economic sustainability. All five participating parks adopted a participatory approach where objectives and planning are shared with key local stakeholders in order to avoid and mitigate social conflicts.The activities were organized around four macro-phases:
  1. Awareness raising campaigns for the local communities and the development of methodologies to reduce the risk of social conflicts;
  2. The development of sustainable biomass supply chains in each of the five participating parks. Key local actors were engaged in the decision making process by participating in Round Tables and singing Memoranda of Understanding;
  3. Knowledge transfer activities for a larger pool of stakeholders. Guidelines for interested nature parks were developed and the project results were presented at a dedicated international conference;
  4. Further outreach was ensured through the production of informative material and the organization of 6 national dissemination conferences.


  • Development of a methodology to avoid and mitigate social conflicts through an open and shared approach: organization of 80 awareness raising events involving more than 1000 local stakeholders.
  • Development of 5 different functional models of local (short range) biomass supply chains within European protected areas where:13,705.75 tons of biomass were harvested and sustainably exploited; 31,981.28 MWh of thermal energy deriving from local biomass were produced; 2,910.30 toe of primary energy were saved; GHG emissions were reduced with 11,059.13 tCO2e and 669.630 euro of cumulative investment were attracted.
  • 6 National Legal Measures were proposed in order to guide the local policymakers towards a sustainable exploitation of biomass in nature parks. Additionally, at EU level, recommendation were drawn up to move forward the current debate on the revision of the RED regarding solid biomass exploitation criteria.
  • Dissemination activities: organization of 57 ad-hoc meetings involving over 420 individuals and 6 National Workshops engaging 400 Participants; 105 articles and 28 press releases published and wider dissemination activities took place through social and other media channels.

Lessons learned

  • Awareness actions towards the key local actors are a valuable and necessary tool. They need to focus on explaining the basic principles and the positive impacts of the sustainable exploitation of solid biomass in nature areas.
  • The European Natural and Protected areas play a key role not only in the protection of nature and biodiversity, but also in creating sustainable local development process based, inter alia, on the sustainable exploitation of renewable resources.
  • The market is often not able to favor the exploitation of supply chains based on sustainability criteria. Specific legislation/ incentive schemes supporting the short range/sustainable supply chain are needed. Green Public Procurement could be a helping tool.
  • There is a huge amount of biomass deriving from nature and landscape conservation and management that could represent a key source of sustainable biomass, but, due its low quality, its exploitation is not economical. Investments in the research and the development of equipment and plants that would maximize the caloric value of low quality biomass material and minimize the GHG emissions are needed.

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Mr. Sandro Luchetti


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01/04/2013 to 31/03/2016
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