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Manure, the sustainable fuel for the farm (Bioenergy Farm II)

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In most European countries the biogas sector started by digesting manure in combination with co-products which are also used as feed for animals. During the first BioEnergy Farm project it turned out that the public opinion regarding large scale co-digesters became more negative lately, its economic feasibility dropped dramatically and its implementation is decreasing sharply in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. BioEnergy Farm II therefore focuses on micro scale biogas installations which mainly use own manure and feed left-overs of the farm. The goal of BioEnergy Farm II is to open the market for micro scale digestion. We believe this can increase the amount of sustainable energy produced on farms by 60 MW. The objective is to have assisted 700 farmers in checking the feasibility by making business plans. This should result in an increase of 28 MW of produced bio-energy realized two years after the project. In the years after we expect that another 32 MW of bio-energy can be developed because the project targets to open the market. We believe that the realization of the first micro-scale biogas installations will result in a snowball effect.


  • A portal to inform the farmers about micro-digesters. Documents like a market overview will be available via this portal. This portal will be visited by 50.000 farmers.
  • An online quick scan which farmers can use to make a pre-feasibility study. We expect that 3500 farmers will perform the online scan. This scan will also be used to get in contact with interested farmers.
  • An detailed offline feasibility tool which will be used by the trained experts to perform the scans. The data of the offline scans will be used as input for the business plans.
  • A training program for 40 agricultural consultants in the participating countries and 20 agricultural consultants in nonparticipating EU countries on micro-digesting and the use of the tool (WP4).
  • 700 performed offline scans and business plans created on micro scale digester with a total capacity of 100 MW. A guidance document for policy makers to enable them to improve the conditions for manure based biogas production.

Lessons learned

  • It is too soon to draw lessons learned

Partners and coordinator

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Cornelissen Consulting Services B.V.
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Dr. Ir. R.L. Cornelissen
Mr. Hans Damink


In brief

01/03/2014 to 31/12/2016
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