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Business opportunities in biomass sector for SMEs (BIOBUSINESS)

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Analysis of the business opportunities within biomass sector, specially aiming at entrepreneurs and SMEs. Biobusiness will focus on the creation and growth of biomass related enterprises as the basis for economic regeneration of the regions concerned, including its most depressed rural areas. Partners of the project, regional industrial development agencies, energy management agencies and Public Administrations will work also alongside existing renewable energy related SMEs to develop scenarios for creating a critical mass of new enterprise. In parallel an inventory of biomass resources, a study of trends in biomass related enterprises, a technology transfer and market opportunities investigation, and a state-of-the-art investigation on legal frameworks, will asses the situation for a recommendation paper to be done. The project outcome should be a replicable methodology for the development of biomass as one of the most important renewable energies, as well as a blueprint for biomass-related industrial development in other European areas.


  • New direct and indirect employments triggered off. 169 new jobs have been already reported in the participant regions. More expected in the medium and long term.
  • Creation or extension of new business triggered off. 37 new businesses have been already reported in the participant regions. More expected in the medium and long term.
  • Indications of commitment from Public Administrations in order to follow the recommendation paper. After the meetings, 13 Letters of Intent were signed by relevant Public Administrations in the Biobusiness Regions.

Lessons learned

  • Significant subjacent interest in biomass related issues in general public and media. In all the participating regions, local media and general and qualified public showed to be very interested in renewable energies and in biomass in particular, being considered in some of them as the “RE on fashion”
  • Clear definition of the target groups. It was essential for the success of the actions carried out, specially the workshops, the establishment of the groups to be targeted, in order to avoid wastes of budget and time. The fact that all partners used their regular contacts and networks facilitated definitely the performance of the promotional tasks and activities included in Biobusiness projects.
  • Other IEE projects links: To have the possibility of using the actions or tools included in linked projects by means of some participant partners, have been also revealed to be an excellent facilitator of dissemination activities.

Partners and coordinator

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Asociacion para la Gestion del CEEI-Burgos
Contact point: 
Juan Carlos Martinez Barrio
0034 947244332


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01/12/2006 to 31/05/2009
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