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Promotion of Bio-Methane and its Market Development through Local and Regional Partnerships (BIO-METHANE REGIONS)

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Bio-methane Regions seeks to stimulate the market development of anaerobic digestion (AD) – with a particular emphasis bio-methane production. It seeks to do that in ways that are appropriate to the current state of development of, biogas and bio-methane in the regions concerned, taking into consideration that different regions and countries in Europe present very different levels of development of anaerobic digestion and biomethane production. Based on the collected information on the requirements to facilitate new developments, each region will develop an action plan and strategy for moving forward. The project will facilitate new AD plants and bio-methane production through the provision of independent advice to potential developers, regulators, politicians and potentially affected persons. It will provide guidance to decision makers and it will develop and encourage high standards of operation. The overall objective is to establish AD, bio-methane to gas grid and bio-methane as a transport fuel as viable and attractive options to investors, individuals, waste and energy companies/utilities and governments.


  • At least 60 pre-feasibility reports completed for new AD plants. At least 30 new AD plants with full feasibility reports. At least 20 plants reached the stage of application for land-use planning consent (or equivalent). Of these:At least 10 plants are fully authorised and ready to start construction and at least 5 plants are under construction.
  • Local policy makers are persuaded of the merits of promoting AD technology; Local and regional policy makers in at least 5 involved regions adopt new initiatives to promote biogas and biomethane in line with the project's recommendations; at least 10 attendees per region at the seminars for policy-makers in 8 of the regions; at least 24 policy-makers from at least 8 different countries to attend a study tour.
  • Production of advice for plant operators on efficient and effective monitoring systems. This will include case studies developed under the project where least 10% increase in methane yields in at least 3 AD plants as a result of participation in project activities.
  • Participation of at least 33 potential developers on a study tour. At least 2 developers from any one country.
  • One seminar in each region with at least 20 participants per seminar; One European dissemination seminar with at least 100 participants.

Lessons learned

  • There are huge variations in the policy support and market conditions across the regions. The Swedes, for instance, concentrate almost exclusively on biomethane for transport whereas many others focus on electricity production.
  • The appetite amongst policy-makers for energy crops varies but is turning against them even in the countries that were previously supportive.
  • Monitoring of digesters is very important and significant improvements in yield have been shown to be achievable.

Partners and coordinator

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Severn Wye Energy Agency Limited
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Catrin Maby
0044 01594 545 360
Mike Brain
00 44 (0) 1452 835 074
Mr Andy Bull
0044 01982 551006
Catrin Maby
004401594 545 360
Rachel Close
0001594 545 369


In brief

01/04/2011 to 30/04/2014
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