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Best Practice for Double Skin Facades (BESTFACADE)

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Double-skin façades have become popular over the last 15 years as people seek out more natural interior environments. The double skin can offer a thermal buffer zone, solar preheating of ventilation air, energy savings, as well as acoustic, wind and pollutant protection, and the possibility to open windows and have night cooling. Commercial buildings incorporating such facades can save large amounts of energy. The critical issue is to ensure that the façades are designed appropriately to the local climate and perform well. BESTFACADE aimed to use a range of media to provide the designers with reliable scientific, technical, regulative and financial information on these constructions.


  • Best practice guidelines for double skin facades are now available for designers and investors.
  • State-of-the-art report on double-skin façades is available, based on analysis from seven countries. Twenty-eight facades analysed from different buildings (offices, schools, service buildings).
  • A centralised reference source of info on double skin facades built in the European Union has been set up.
  • An assessment method for calculating the thermal and visual behaviour and energy performance of façades has been developed. The methodology has been presented to standardisation committees.
  • An Internet-based design guide allowing designers and investors to study the impact of different facade systems has been produced.

Lessons learned

  • Please see the detailed deliverables indicated in the attached key report or visit the web-site for access to all information and further resources.

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MCE  Anlagenbau Austria GmbH & Co
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Reinhard Waldner
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01/01/2005 to 31/12/2007
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