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Building and Energy Systems and Technologies in Renewable Energy Sources Update and Linked Training (BEST RESULT)

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The BEST RESULT project was developed by actors already involved in training and dissemination activities related to renewable energy sources technologies. It aimed to raise awareness and to enhance skills among key actors in the building and energy sector on the supply side like installers, technicians, professionals, architects, planners, retailers etc.)with regard to renewable energies. This was achieved through a range of training and information measures (specialization courses, info-desks, workshops, website, etc.). At the same time, the project contributed to boost also the demand side (i.e. end consumers) for small scale renewable applications (e.g. by means of guidelines, seminars, publications, website, etc.). The project activities were based on a thorough analysis of barriers to the deployment of small-scale renewables appliances (e.g. surveys and studies). The project partners are sharing a common methodology, which however is adapted to the specific regional/local needs and conditions.


  • The website restricted area to Partners (project management platform) is fully used and is a good management tool, while the public website area is under development and implementation: first documents, deliverables and events started to be published online by several Partners
  • 10 training courses were given in 2006, while 36 more courses are planned for 2007; 8 visits, 4 workshops about renewable sources technologies and opportunities, addressed to suppliers in building and energy sectors; 4 postgraduate specialization courses of 200 hours are going to start in 2007 in Padova (IT), Setubal (PT), Madrid and Oviedo (ES)
  • E-learning material is being prepared by each partner and will be collected by the end of 2008 in the project E-learning platform (the platform is ready and functioning), available to students and suppliers from anywhere
  • 1 study on renewables in the agricultural sector has been published, while a survey among suppliers in order to define barriers and solutions to RES market widening will be carried out
  • Information to suppliers about small scale renewables applications in buildings is being given (publications, info-desks, workshops, etc.); dissemination to final consumers to augment public awareness on opportunities (brochures, conferences, meetings, exhibits, info-points, posters, etc.) is being positively carried out

Lessons learned

  • It was very important for the project development to share experiences among Partners during the meetings as well as through the dedicated platform. Especially this instrument is very useful in order to coordinate such a big Consortium and monitor the whole project running. There is a very strong interest in specialized training on RES. Every event has received a lot of subscriptions by technicians, professionals and all workers in the energy field.
  • Energy market, in some Countries, is not increasing as fast as foreseen, especially in East Europe Countries, so more actions have to be taken in order to stimulate the market growth.
  • Last updated: 28.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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Centro Regionale di Assistenza per la Cooperazione Artigiana Società Cooperativa
Contact point: 
Enrico Cancino
0039 041 5096614
Maurizio Malè


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2008
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