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Biomass Energy Platforms Implementation for Training in Africa (BEPITA)

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BEPITA establishes perennial specialised training platforms for biomass technologies covering two wide regions in Sub-Saharan Africa: the “dry zone” and the “wetland zone”, each of them having specific energy needs and potentials as the quantities of biomass available and processes used differ. The platforms will inventory, classify and organise global educational packages covering the entire biomass energy chain and focus on targeted groups. Platforms would be based in Burkina Faso (“dry zone” base) and Cameroon (“wetland zone” base), within the premises of the BEPITA partners, and clustering a wide range of training activities and services undertaken by experienced actors in training with: - Short term benefit by organising training sessions and workshops for policy makers and private sector representatives with particular attention devoted to transfer of technologies - Long term benefit by reinforcing master level and post graduates as well as professors.


  • Targeted training sessions (for private sector, public sector and professional organisations/NGO sector) organised within countries located in the "dry zone" and "wetland zone" base platforms.
  • Training course session for students/teachers in high schools, university and technical institutes.
  • Directories that contains information about expert organisations and professionals that are qualified to work in the field of energy production, with an emphasis on biomass, and a list presenting the geographical distribution of the demonstration installations in the two regions ( “dry zone” and the “wetland zone”)
  • Regional forums/workshops (in the “dry zone” and the “wetland zone”) focused on mature technologies adapted to energy production from the various biomasses sources available in Africa.
  • New projects using biomass technologies developed in Africa

Lessons learned

  • Biomass is already largely used in Africa for domestic applications. However there are numerous industrial applications which are not sufficiently known.
  • The interest for Biomass energy is growing considerably with a demand which also concern direct substitution to diesel for transport and standard electric power generation application.
  • The demand for capacity building is larger than BEPITA capability. Last updated: 29.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)
Contact point: 
Philippe Girard
0033 4 67614490/556133161524
Pierre Montagne
00261 32 07 169 60
Philippe Girard
0033 4 67 61 44 75


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01/01/2005 to 31/12/2007
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