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Biomass Energy Platforms Implementation for Training in Latin America - Network (BEPINET)

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Today, technological advances in this sector have made bioenergy an economic and profitable tool that can satisfy the needs of various sectors, domestic and industries. However, the replication potential of these technologies is yet to be fully exploited. BEPINET proposes to establish perennial specialized training platforms for biomass technologies covering two wide regions in Latina America: the Andes region and the Amazonian region and build up a critical mass of human capital to create an international biomass energy network. One new and original objective is to promote and reinforce the South-South Cooperation between Africa and Latin America.


  • Creation of the Bepinet website: Since 01/2007, Bepinet has his own portal version accessible at
  • An International Study tour in Amazonia was held on june 2009 to Manaus, Santarem and Belem involving private companies and researchers from Africa , Brazil and France. The main objective was to show the Brazilian experience on Energy co-generation from biomass and create new relation between Africa and America.
  • Two directories: the first one is containing information about the most representative biomass demonstration plants on heat or energy generation in Brazil, Equator and Peru and the second containing information about experts and professionals qualified to work on the biomass area. They are both accessible on the Bepinet website.
  • Two new biomass projects were elaborated together with Bepinet and supported by the Brazilian National Council for Science and Technology. , - Development of a Tar Measurement Protocol to be applied on Biomass Gasifier Gases. - Development of Criteria to Measure Biomass Gasifiers Performance Using Concentration of Tar and Particulate in their Exit Gases.
  • The major events planed in 2007 are: -The international “ French Equator meeting on biomass energy” in Quito from March, 5th to 10th -The international study tour in Europe on biomass densification -The first international summer school on combustion and gasification (25-29/06/2007) -The International study tour in Africa - A workshop and training session with both the project RAPS-Peru and UNAS in Peru -The International Workshop on Pyrolysis for Charcoal and Bio-Oil for steel

Lessons learned

  • For one year, the number of participants and the interests shown highlight the needs for using biomass as energy sources. The south/south exchange is becoming a priority. By the advertising realised by EU and partners through different communication ways (review, website, …) the coordination has been contacted by few institutions and private companies from other Latin American countries as Argentine, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay,…to integrate directly or indirectly the project.
  • We are adapting training session in function of each context. The most important is to stand on the local universities, the best way to get in touch with a maximum of targeted people in the project to diffuse information. Updated on 15.07.2010

Partners and coordinator

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French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD)
Contact point: 
Philippe Girard
0033 4 67614490/556133161524
Pierre Montagne
00261 32 07 169 60
Philippe Girard
0033 4 67 61 44 75


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