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Building in Europe Local Intelligent Energy Forums (BELIEF)

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BELIEF promoted the Sustainable Energy Communities concept at European scale by: setting up Local Intelligent Energy Forums in 20 European communities from 11 countries; preparing and/or adapting Sustainable Energy Actions Plans; formalising methodologies and preparing tools; improving the internal capacity of the 20 BELIEF communities; disseminating information, shining examples, results, methodologies and tools towards European local authorities focussing on New Member States and Candidate Countries. Key to the project was the Forum, a municipal driven participative process which engages local stakeholders and citizens to work together in order to prepare and implement common actions for their territory that can be formalised into an Action Plan. The objective of the forum is to conceive and communicate initiatives and projects aimed at significantly developing sustainable energy at local level, ultimately allowing the Municipality to prepare its energy future.


  • Creation of a group of local EU pioneers that have successfully established and run Local Intelligent Energy Forums
  • Consolidation (and in some ways invention) of a EU replicable concept in line with the EU priorities on energy, sustainability, competitiveness and innovation
  • Contribution to the improvement of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in the 20 BELIEF communities thus bringing together local stakeholders and facilitating the way forward for larger scale investments
  • Dissemination information and methodologies widely throughout Europe, demonstrating that new ways to work together with local stakeholders and citizens can be generalised everywhere

Lessons learned

  • At project coordination and management level: The preparation and signing by all project partners of a Consortium Agreement is a guarantee for a good co-operation between the partners for a successful implementation of the project; o The organisation of the workshops and the preparation of the shining examples helped quite a lot the formalization of a first set of recommendations in the perspective of the preparation of the BELIEF recommendation guide;
  • At project content level: BELIEF being by nature a "soft initiative", one should be happy to see that the project gave birth to concrete initiatives and actions in the field of sustainable energy (strategies and processes launched, creation & running of Local Intelligent Energy Forums, preparation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans, actions implemented, integration of approaches to solve similar local problems, etc.)
  • At project monitoring and evaluation level: The definition of a board of common performance indicators and the development of a "monitoring and benchmarking tool" is crucial to guarantee a successful implementation of the community projects and to introduce a kind of motivation between the 20 communities; The impacts of the community projects e.g. in terms of energy demand reduction, CO2 emissions reduction, RES share in energy supply is always a very difficult exercise;

Partners and coordinator

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Contact point: 
Jean-Pierre Vallar
0033 (0)3 81 65 36 80 (or +33 (0)3 81 6
Peter Schilken
+33 3 81 65 36 80
Christophe Frering
33 (0)1 40 35 07 61 or 33 (0)3 81 65 37
Peter Schilken
0033 0 3 81 65 36 80
Mr Jan Pierre Vallar
+33 (0)3 81 65 36 85


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01/01/2006 to 30/06/2008
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