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Biomass Availability and Sustainability Information System (BASIS)

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BASIS is proposed by the European Biomass Association, Imperial College London, a consultancy (eclareon) and 7 national biomass associations in Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Sweden. BASIS aims at interacting with bioenergy project developers and investors (WP7), providing them with a comprehensive view on the sustainable supply and competition for wood for wood chips boilers, using intuitive maps of NUTS2 regions of all EU27 member states (WP6). Information on wood supply potential combined with existing use of wood chips (WP 3) and sustainability aspects influencing such supply (WP 4) is processed on the basis of a sound methodology (WP 2). Because the project is focused on biomass supply, it is a perfect complement to the project Cross Border Bioenergy that will be updated (WP 5) and provides results on the attractiveness of markets for heat and electricity. The core idea of the project is to provide in-depth information on the regional supply and demand of wood chips through a comprehensive and easy to use GIS tool. As a result BASIS will strongly increase market transparency in the wood chip markets: • Project developers will use BASIS in combination with the results of Cross Border Bioenergy to find attractive locations for new projects. • Investors will use BASIS for the risk assessment of projects in pre-development stage to assess whether a region has enough feedstock potential for a sustainable supply of wood chips over the investment period. • Feedstock suppliers will use it to find new customers and develop their biomass supply. • National and regional policy makers as well as the EU Commission are provided with a comprehensive overview of biomass use in plants above 1 MW capacity, bioenergy conversion efficiency as well as a detailed insight on sustainability aspects from a market perspective.


  • List of most existing bioenergy plants using wood chips, in all EU27 countries (all plants above 20 MW, most plants above 5 MW and a significant number of plants larger than 1 MW). Update of the Cross Border Bioenergy market attractiveness maps and mapping of bioenergy plants, combined with modelling of biomass potential and sustainability
  • Sustainability criteria risk assessment, as key information for project developers and investors
  • Market oriented information for bioenergy project developers on availability, and sustainability of wood chips on a European/regional/local basis (up to NUT 2 level), to better identify suitable places for new bioenergy plants; Policy oriented deliverables on biomass supply/use statistics, sustainability and efficiency.
  • Match make biomass suppliers and users to favour business.
  • Adapted national and European regulations that take real market information into account.

Lessons learned

  • For further details please refer to the project website.

Partners and coordinator

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European Biomass Association
Contact point: 
Mr Jean-Marc Jossart
+32 478 77 36 09
Mr Jean-Marc Jossart
+32 478 77 36 09
Jean-Marc Jossart
+32 2 400 10 29


In brief

01/04/2013 to 31/03/2016
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