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BAMBINI - Socialisation towards clean and energy efficient transport (BAMBINI)

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BAMBINI aims to change the current mobility behaviour of the population that favours car use. It will achieve this by targeting children (age 0-6) and their parents. Conditioning in favour of the car starts early and thereby creates a very emotional link. To counteract this, BAMBINI will address key actors from the baby & child merchandise industry, child care facilities, educational bodies and municipalities, to work together in bringing about a shift from the present socialisation of babies & children towards more sustainable mobility, by: •Motivating the industry to produce merchandise for babies depicting energy efficient transport modes •Promoting alternative transport in antenatal classes •Motivating parents to bring their children to the child care facilities without a car •Creating motivational programmes for children in nurseries and kindergartens by encouraging walking & cycling through stories, games •Integrating the BAMBINI topics into training courses of child pedagogues and future professionals •Initiating projects enabling the transformation of streets into play streets and traffic calmed areas.


  • • BAMBINI content has been integrated into 1- antenatal classes • BAMBINI courses have been held in 30 nurseries (number of children and parents reached: 255) • BAMBINI courses have been held with kindergarten staff from 57 groups, toys have been distributed and are currently tested. So far 974 parents and children have been involved • 351 stakeholders have been reached in workshops, 3060 face-to-face at conferences and almost 370.000 with written BAMBINI materials.
  • 1 give-away, a BAMBINI spinner and 3 toys have been produced so far by partner BAJO and have been distributed to the partners for testing in Kindergartens and crèches. Questionnaires will be completed for all toys. Photographs of the toys are available on the BAMBINI website.
  • 1 children's book – The Christmas bike – has been created by children for children in cooperation with partner FGM-AMOR. The book has been translated by all partners and is available for download on the project website in 10 languages, free of charge.

Lessons learned

  • It is very important to give all partners sufficient help with their evaluation tasks: The preparation of a monitoring and evaluation plan that also included questionnaires for the various application areas that all partners can use is of great help to get consistent evaluation results.
  • It has not always been easy to involve all stakeholders. One example is the involvement of midwives for the "train-the-trainer-activities" In this particular case it helped to slightly change the strategy and do the training directly with the midwives and the expecting parents. The parents themselves are often very interested in the BAMBINI topics. This also helps to interest the midwives in turn more.
  • Parents can be motivated to try out bicycle trailers or carrier bikes for the transport of children to the crèche or kindergarten more easily if rental bikes with trailers are provided for the test rides.

Partners and coordinator

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Austrian Mobility Research / Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilitaet Gemeinnützige GmbH
Schönaugasse 8a
8010 Graz
Contact point: 
Robert Pressl
+43 316 81 04 51 13
Claus Koellinger
+43 316 810451-66
Jörg Kastelic
+43 316 810451-36


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01/06/2009 to 31/05/2012
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