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Family cycling for energy efficiency in urban leisure travel (B-TRACK-B)

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"Bike the track/ track the bike" promotes the use of bicycles by families with children aged 9-15 for their leisure (urban) trips in 7 European cities. The action intends to engage indicatively 100 families per site in an innovative track-the-bike "lottery" to motivate them to shift from car to bike use. Two competition-based marketing campaigns are planned and monitoring will be done through tracking systems (RIFD, GPS or simply through km counter and stamp cards). Local leisure trips generators (e.g. sport facilities, parks, shopping centres, …) will be involved. B-Track-B is based on a combination of previous successful experiments executed in Denmark (Frederica's cycle registration systems), Italy, France (GPS tracking during bicycle leisure events), Slovenia (involvement of cycle associations) and the Netherlands ("Ride to School" in Rotterdam). Combining the lessons learned of those local experiments into a powerful B-Track-B concept will not only allow to foster cycling during leisure travel in the participating cities, yet also provide a convincing and proven concept that will be adopted by other EU cities and countries, during the project life time.


  • A modal shift of 10% of family leisure travel to bicycle through a dedicated "bike the track" marketing concept and accompanying events. A first level shift will take within 700 participating families; a second level shift will take place through an intensive marketing of the results within other families living in the B-Track-B cities;
  • The project will engage at least 10 follower cities to apply and promote widely the B-Track-B campaign, thereby causing a third shift toward the less energy efficiency bicycle use within leisure travel, as the concept will be taken up by more EU cities;
  • Awareness raising of the local authorities and the leisure industry of a changing society in which leisure trips are an ever greater part of the mobility behaviour, the impacts of this on energy consumption and to motivate and achieve changes in behaviour.
  • The project aims at a 3 600 (toe/year) primary energy savings compared to projections (toe/year) and 10 400 t CO2e/year reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the project

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DTV Consultants b.v.
Contact point: 
Mr Johan Jansen
+31 76 513 6631
Mr Sander Buningh
+31 (0)76 5136630
Mr Patrick Van Egmond
+352 691 040175


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01/06/2012 to 31/12/2015
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