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Advanced Ventilation Approaches for Social Housing (AVASH)

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The project's first goal is to analyse both thermal and air leakage in a broad range of social housing in Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Once completed, different ventilation upgrade scenarios will then be simulated using computer simulation techniques in order to ascertain the best approach for upgrading ventilation systems from a health and energy efficiency point of view. These results should then be a valuable resource throughout Europe for housing managers, who will become aware of the cost and the benefits of upgrades.


  • Sampling and surveying of the United Kingdom houses has been completed and posted online. In addition, the sampling and surveying of the Irish and Danish properties have started.
  • Eighteen flats belonging to Camden council in London were tested for both air-tightness and thermal insulation. The two main factors influencing the air-tightness of properties appeared to be the floor/ceiling construction, followed by the type of windows, which in the case of old wooden sash windows are often a cause of leakage.
  • Details of the AVASH project have appeared in numerous publications including newspaper, trade and magazine articles.

Lessons learned

  • When dealing with large organisations, such as Universities and social housing providers with significant amount of housing stock, it is important to get the understanding and co-operation of all key personnel at the proposal stage. Relying on a few individuals within an organisation to arrange the complex operation of gaining access to houses, for example, can be problematic and lead to delays due fundamentally to a lack of communication within these large organisations.
  • More preparatory work to gear up organisations, and their various departments, for participation in projects is advisable. It was suggested by the IEE committee that a partner become a sub-contractor, this has weakened their legal commitment to a project and more management is required as a result to desire the desired outcomes.

Partners and coordinator

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The University of Brighton
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Ryan Southall
0044 1273 642335


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01/01/2007 to 31/12/2008
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