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Automatic Intelligent Metering For Small and Medium-sized Businesses (AIM 4 SME'S)

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With rising fuel prices there is a need for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) to have access to independent energy efficiency advice and training in order to reduce costs to help maintain their competitiveness. The project will involve supporting small/medium businesses to use automatic detailed monitoring and targeting technology (intelligent metering). The detailed metering will be established for a range of business types and sizes in the small/ medium business sector and the resulting detailed energy and water use data will be analysed to identify energy saving opportunities. This information will help with providing energy awareness training to staff of the business, and in providing an on site energy survey. It is intended that the training will form part of a certified training programme, and the training will give staff the ability to continue to analyse the data themselves beyond the duration of the project.


  • Automatically monitor energy (electricity, gas, heat, etc.) and water data in 75-100 small/medium businesses (SMEs) from a range of sectors (manufacturing, commercial, etc.) in 5 different European countries
  • Train building users in energy efficiency with relevance to their own building
  • A bureau service to support the participating SMEs on energy monitoring and analysis
  • Increased awareness by SMEs of automatic intelligent metering, its applications, benefits and potential for savings.
  • Energy and CO2 savings of about 10-25% in participating businesses

Lessons learned

  • Despite rising fuel prices many SMEs do not recognise the value of intelligent metering. SMEs need to have the benefits of intelligent metering explained to them. Using case studies is a useful way of doing this. Furthermore there needs to be an awareness of the nature of the SME and of key persons within the SME to promote intelligent metering.
  • Many SMEs are not willing to fund the installation of intelligent metering because there is no guarantee of the level of savings that can be achieved therefore no payback period can be determined from the outset.
  • As many of the grants available do not fund the actual installation of metering technology,having the support of local utility companies is a valuable way of setting up intelligent metering in SMEs at no cost to SMEs.

Partners and coordinator

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Leicester City Council
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Stewart Conway
0044 116 299 5128
Nick Morris
+44 116 299 5123


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01/12/2007 to 30/11/2009
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