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Cost Optimum and Standard Solutions for Maintenance and Management of the Social (AFTER)

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AFTER tackles issues of post-commissioning management and maintenance of social housing. In recent years, social housing organisations (SHO) have played an exemplary role in the improvement of energy efficiency through the construction of low energy buildings and innovative energy refurbishments. However, the focus has been on new techniques and processes for construction, without sufficient attention to operation and maintenance. Now there is a need to investigate, from an economical standpoint, the cost optimal solutions (based on life cycle costing) that can be replicated. At this point in time, focusing on management and maintenance aspects is crucial: - to assess, in hindsight, the actual performance of the technical solutions tried during recent years - to define and test economic, technical and socially optimum standards for use in long term investment decisions - to improve today's energy performance by focussing on day-to-day running costs of the buildings - to assess, through the trends in consumption, the actual impact of the promotional campaigns targeting tenants’ awareness on energy that have been carried out.


  • Definition of a common method to evaluate the performance of Energy Savings Measures.

Lessons learned

  • The return on investment of Operation and Maintenance measures can be 20 times more than investment measures (such as refurbishment).
  • SHO do not assess the performance of their investments after their implementation.

Partners and coordinator

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Developpement Etudes pour le Logement, la Promotion de l'Habitat, l'Innovation et le Social
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Julien Bonnet
Francis Deplace
0033 1 56 08 54 24


In brief

05/05/2011 to 04/05/2014
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