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Adolescence for renewable energies in transport (ADORE IT)

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Adore It aims at increasing the use of biofuels in transport by creating a substantial market demand for pure and blended biofuels, mainly by large fleet owners. Within each region, key actors & target groups will be contacted, like large fleet owners, municipalities, biofuel producers and distributors, public transport organizations, non gouvernmental organizations. These will be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of actions like:
  • non-technological pilot projects/ experiments (organisational, financial, policy/ permits)
  • linking of the regional cultivation of energy crops with the production of biofuels at the same place, direct involvement of agricultural sector in biofuel production
  • implementing of national sustainability criteria on a regional scale
  • information campaigns, seminars & workshops
  • technical support to realisation of distribution sites/ filling stations


  • the visibility and trust of consumers with respect to the quality & sustainable character of biofuels will increase as a result of the more reliable and positive information on biofuels
  • regional availability of biofuels will increase thanks to the operation of at least 5 extra filling stations per region
  • shortening of authorisation and permit procedures by 10%
  • 3,5% biofuels in the involved regions

Lessons learned

  • This project is still ongoing. It is therefore too early to draw lessons. Last update: 03.11.11

Partners and coordinator

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Province of Groningen
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Mr. W.J. van den Berg


In brief

01/09/2008 to 31/08/2011
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