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Information and awareness campaigns to enhance the effectiveness of investments and infrastructure measures for energy-efficient urban transport (ADDED VALUE)

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As part of the European Transport Strategy major investments have been made in order to restore the balance between transport modes and to increase the use of public transport, soft modes, rail and maritime transport. ADDED VALUE has implemented soft measures in eleven different cities and regions all over Europe to make more use of big investments and infrastructures made for alternative, energy saving transport modes (already in place or being planned and implemented during the project). Soft measures covered both mobility management and travel awareness campaigns.


  • Information increase, including recognition of the implemented measures & campaigns, and improved perception of soft measures to tackle transport problems in cities by end users, decision makers and the media – namely personal benefits and quality of life increase.
  • Integration of mobility management, soft modes and PT infrastructure, and travel awareness as a standard in the routines of key actors and decision makers in cities/ regions (e.g. mission statements, budgets, job/ task description of planners).
  • Set up of local/ regional partnerships e.g. between different administrative departments like transport, environment, health, tourism, land use etc. and key actors.
  • To share experience and disseminate information in countries where the issue is not in the agenda such as Ireland, EU Member States joining during the 2004 Enlargement and Southern Europe countries.

Lessons learned

  • Repeat campaigns to stay in the mind of the citizens: Changing behaviour is a process. Don't expect to change habits because of one campaign of e.g. 3 weeks. It is essential to maintain a presence in the minds of the target group. Therefore a repetition or further development of the campaign is recommended. Pure information doesn’t result in a satisfying behaviour change: Information materials must be accompanied by actions allowing people to try out new behaviour.
  • Emotions and rational arguments: Emotions are a very appropriate way to raise awareness. Once the target group is aware of the problem of motorised transport and also of their own role, it makes sense to provide also rational arguments that support a change of behaviour. Cooperation between different city departments: Very often cooperation between departments within a city fails because they don’t communicate with each other or communicate too late for joint planning of activities.
  • Communication tools are crucial: First check the suitability of your communication tools. More often then not it is much more effective to write a personal letter than to use anonymous direct mailing. Face-to-face contacts are more appropriate than telephone calls. Pictures and films, being livelier than brochures and texts, leave a more lasting impression.

Partners and coordinator

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Agência Municipal de Energia de Almada
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Carlos Sousa
351 212722380


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01/11/2007 to 31/10/2010
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