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Accelerate local energy investment in the province of Huelva (ACCELERATE)

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This project aims to speed up renewable energies and energy efficiency investment processes of Huelva’s 77 municipalities adherent to the Covenant of Mayors (CoM), removing the technical, administrative and financial barriers that delay small municipalities' actions. Today, small renewable energy facilities' projects spread in the Region are not attractive for private investors. Also the population is distributed in small urban areas which hinders the implementation by public representatives of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects due to management risks. Thus, the main objective of the technical assistance of ACCELERATE is to help the municipalities to launch a total investment of 7,5 m€ in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects between 2012 & 2014. These projects will be identified among the database of projects proposed by the Sustainable Energy Action Plans. The Province will then provide technical assistance to the concerned municipalities in order to define the technical specifications for the project and the financing structure. Huelva will then organise the procurement for individual projects or packages.


  • Total energy investments supported by the ACCELERATE project would achieve a reduction of GHG emissions of 6 252 tons of CO2e and at least 10 986 807 KWh of energy savings.
  • All the actions in the project will promote the generation of new green jobs related to the implementation of energy facilities. It is estimated a total amount of 100 jobs.
  • The energy efficiency measures implemented with the support of ACCELERATE will achieve economic savings of around 1 710 535 €. It demonstrates the importance of the design and planning of these types of measures.
  • ACCELERATE’s actions will contribute to update "master database" with the information required for all the investments. It will be very useful for long term investments. It will maintain a dynamic monitoring of all the actions.

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Jesús Díaz Robles
00 34 959494779


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01/09/2012 to 31/08/2015
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