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Five European RES-Heat Pilots (5 EURES)

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The project target is to develop functional bioenergy market for each area. The market shall preferably include several fuel suppliers and several heat producers. The means to achieve this target are training, feasibility studies and business development assistance. - The first phase was to train the basics to some key persons from each area in order to be able to discuss all relevant matters with common terms and with common understanding. - Next phase was general feasibility study for the areas. In the study the bioenergy potential is identified as well as existing and potential actors in the market. The study result is few identified project sites in each area for more detailed study. - The work will continue by detailed case studies, training and assistance of identified actors at each area and identification of possible business opportunities and preparation of business plans together with local actors.


  • Main target is five functioning renewable heat markets
  • General understanding of the feasibility of renewable heat on each area
  • Identification of concrete projects, fuel suppliers, heat customers and development of full supply chains
  • Each area has enough trained persons to develop further the renewable heat operations after the project
  • Pilot areas serve as examples for other regions in EU, results are disseminated during and after the project

Lessons learned

  • Feasibility studies completed show that the bioenergy market is possible in all areas.
  • The public awareness and general interest among municipalities have already risen and different initiatives were born.
  • Expert support made possible by the project will help to develop these initiatives correctly. Last updated: 24.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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Jyväskylä Innovation Oy
Contact point: 
Ms Tytti Laitinen
Kirsi Knuuttila
+ 358 40 5771815
Markku Paananen
00358 144451123


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01/01/2005 to 31/12/2007
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