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Energy Efficient Electric Motor Systems in New Member and Candidate Countries (4EM-MCP)

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The Motor Challenge Programme with its Tool Set provides a powerful tool for an integrated approach to overcome barriers to energy efficiency based on: - boosting the European framework to encourage decision makers to adopt energy savings measures; - raising awareness of the potential for energy and money saving measures; - focusing on the performance of entire systems, so as to provide maximum reliability, quality of service and cost effectiveness; - making a wide range of information tools available; - providing public recognition of the efforts made by companies through use of the MCP Logo, catalogues, etc. 4EM-MCP, as the MCP extension to New Member and Candidate Countries, was designed to focus on disseminating, extending and applying MCP tools through national programmes in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in order to build capacity there and to raise energy efficiency awareness of policy makers and industry in this area by: dissemination, evaluation tools, market investigation and evaluation of energy efficiency potential, enterprise interventions. Pre-existent MCP Tool Set was adapted to the local economic, technological, social & geographical situations.


  • 17 new partners and 19 new endorser recruited. 69 energy audits and 40 enterprise interventions performed. Over 40 events (workshops, training seminars, etc) organized. Participation to 36 seminars, 11 trade fairs, 23 conferences. 48 topic-related articles published.
  • Market investigation and energy efficiency potential evaluation was conducted in all countries involved in the Project. On the basis of the available data collected and analyzed by the Partners, ENERO drafted a market investigation report, which, as presupposed, revealed that market potential on short and medium term for energy efficient motors and systems is high.
  • National adoption of MCP toolset achieved by translating technical modules and the Paper and Software Tool into Project Partners national languages. Project Partners made a good use of this toolset conducting energy audits and enterprise interventions, promoting MCP during seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Bringing 4 new countries into 4EM-MCP can be regarded as the great Project achievement in extending MCP application. Intensive dissemination conducted by the newly added National Contact points in those countries produced very good results and drawn new Partners and Endorsers to the Project.

Lessons learned

  • Despite the fact that the identified market potential on a short and medium term for energy efficient electric motor systems in new member and candidate countries is high, in most countries where 4EM-MCP was implemented, enterprises seemed not to consider the replacement of the old electric motor systems with new, highly efficient ones as their high priority energy efficiency measure. They preferred to implement other EE measures which had shorter payback period.
  • Promoting MCP concept itself in the geography of Central and Eastern Europe proved insufficient. If we want to encourage enterprises (SMEs in particular) to replace their old electric motor-driven systems with more efficient equipment, we need properly tailored incentives, offering technical as well as financial support.
  • With the help of extra measures such as offering free energy audits and maintaining a regular contact by phone and email with the potential partner or endorser, it became easier to draw attention of enterprises to MCP.

Partners and coordinator

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Polish Copper Promotion Centre
Contact point: 
Piotr Jurasz
00487 17812488


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2008
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