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3-fold initiative for Energy planning and sustainable development at local level (3-NITY)

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The 3-fold initiative developed, tested and demonstrated a comprehensive set of tools, quality systems and sustainable best practices for local energy planning and implementation. Local stakeholders were encouraged to apply this methodology for continuous improvement which covers 3 main areas:  
  • Sustainable Planning: development of a modern planning and investment decision tool for local energy planning at several levels in the local community,
  • Sustainable Measures and Activities: stimulation of politicians, planners, energy actors and citizens to actively participate in local sustainable energy planning and implementation through a series of events, initiatives and methodologies,
  • Sustainable Excellence: application of the EFQM-excellence model - a tool to measure the qualitative achievements of an organisation - to local governments and municipalities.


  • A commercially available Energy Planning software; REAM. The REAM-model is specifically designed for local energy planning and has been successfully tested in the 3-NITY project
  • A web-based computer-game to visualize energy balances at local level. A simple computer game illustrating the energy system at local level has been developed for communication and educational purposes
  • A tested methodology for taking activity and measure planning into action
  • A tested methodology for implementing Sustainable Excellence at local level
  • A guidebook for energy and climate planning in municipalities

Lessons learned

  • Parallel development of advanced tools and methodologies with full scale testing in municipal real-life is complex and should maybe not be mixed.
  • The 3-NITY tools are best suited for municipalities with engaged top level politicians and managers that already have started to work seriously on energy and climate issues and that have decided to become better at it.
  • Local authorities needs a proper legal mandate, better financial support as well as increased know-how in order to engage properly in energy- and climate issues.

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New Energy Performance AS
Contact point: 
Hans Jacob Mydske
0047 92 60 03 07
Hans Jacob Mydske
0047 92 60 03 07
Hans Jacob Mydske
0047 92 60 03 07


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01/01/2006 to 30/06/2008
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