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2020: TOrino is GEtting THERe! (2020TOGETHER)

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2020TOGETHER aims to start a coordinated action involving regional, provincial and local authorities, financial institutions and local industries/investors and to launch an investment programme based on Public Private Partnerships and Third Party Investment (TPI). Additional activities supporting local industries and investors and coordinated actions with banks and financial institutions to develop financial facilities will be implemented. The project will invest into the energy efficiency refurbishment of more than 60 public buildings and several public street lighting points with an overall investment of EUR 9.420.214 and a leverage factor of 19.   In addition, the development of a regional financial scheme using ERDF funds will be explored together with the Region of Piedmont. In this sense 2020TOGETHER represents an ideal test bed for implementation of an innovative approach to energy efficiency investment for the public sector. The outcomes of the project could be applied for other EPC investment initiatives of the province of Torino and expanded to the regional level within the framework of the ERDF programme, thus generating a long lasting effect.


  • The launch of tenders leading to signed contracts for energy efficiency investment for a total amount of €9.342.999;
  • Simplified tender procedures, grouping investments in few tenders even if they belong to different municipalities, making the investment scenario more favourable to medium and large companies and reducing time and costs for tender management through the use of innovative Energy Performance Contacting (EPC) schemes;
  • Organization of local offers, aggregating local SMEs allowing them to participate also to tender for large investments and reducing financial risks;
  • Technical innovation, providing training to local SMEs on innovative solution for energy efficiency;
  • Involvement of financial institutions, in launching financial facilities tailored to enterprises interested in investing as third party in energy efficiency projects of the public sector.

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