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Increasing peoples' awareness and use of public transport through active mobility consultancy with focus on feeder systems (SmartMove)

Start date 01/02/2014 - End date 31/07/2016 (Closed)
Sparsely populated rural areas in Europe are facing tremendous social changes due to shrinking and ageing populations. Because of the scattered settlement structure in these areas, the public...

Energy Saving in Municipal Buildings in Small Communities in Rural Districts (ENSAMB)

Start date 18/06/2012 - End date 30/10/2015 (Closed)
A grouping of 5 small municipalities in rural areas of Norway are planning to achieve at least 25% energy savings in all their 120 municipal buildings, representing 11 GWh/year and a foreseen...

Towards 100% RES rural communities (100-RES-COMMUNITIES)

Start date 07/04/2012 - End date 06/04/2015 (Closed)
This action aims at experimenting and spreading the model of joint SEAPs development and implementation in rural territories and towns in 10 European countries. While evaluating their SEAPs and...

Rural Web Energy Learning Network for Action (ERENET)

Start date 21/06/2011 - End date 20/12/2013 (Closed)
eReNet aimed to add value to local actions in rural communities, creating an intelligent and integrated "Rural Web Energy Learning Network for Action". Mainly through peer to peer communication...

Network of small rural communities of energetic neutrality (RURENER)

Start date 01/12/2008 - End date 30/11/2011 (Closed)
RURENER project established a network of small rural communities committed towards energy-neutrality (energy saving and decentralised supply of energy from renewable sources). Fourteen pilot...

Promotion of the use of renewable energies small scale systems in mountain territories (RURAL-RES)

Start date 01/10/2008 - End date 31/03/2011 (Closed)
RURAL-RES aims to promote renewable electricity production by supporting local development of grid-connected mini-hydro power plants and off-grid mini-wind installations in mountainous areas of the...

Tanzanian Renewable Energy and energy Efficiency project to Sustain Poverty Alleviation (TREESPA)

Start date 01/12/2006 - End date 30/11/2009 (Closed)
TreeSpa focuses on developing the rural wealth-creating sectors in Tanzania by introducing energy efficient technology with the help of “joint technology purchase” and electricity service...

Renewable Energy Sustainable Programs for Intelligent Rural Electrification and Poverty Alleviation (RESIREA)

Start date 01/01/2007 - End date 31/12/2009 (Closed)
The RESIREA program aims to promote wide-scale access to electricity in rural areas in Lower Mekong Countries to contribute to poverty alleviation. Three different provinces are targeted: Kampong...


Start date 01/01/2005 - End date 30/06/2007 (Closed)
RURASU has addressed barriers to sustainable energy management in several rural regions: Pieria in Greece, Allgäu in Germany, South Ayr in United Kingdom, Cordillera Subetica in Spain. RURASU has...

Reinforcing provision of sustainable ENergy services in Bangladesh and Indonesia for Poverty alleviation and sustainable DEVelopment (RENDEV)

Start date 01/01/2007 - End date 31/12/2009 (Closed)
The project offers to disperse training and capacity building on renewable energy technologies in Bangladesh and Indonesia to strengthen local strategies and legislations, encourage sustainable...