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European Network of Information Centres promoting Energy Sustainability and CO2 reduction among local COMmunities (ENESCOM)

Start date 01/06/2010 - End date 30/11/2012 (Closed)
ENESCOM aimed at enhancing the role of local communities in mitigating climate change by creating a common methodology to promote and develop capacity building in energy sustainability and for the...

European Citizens Climate Cup (ECCC)

Start date 03/05/2010 - End date 02/08/2012 (Closed)
The European Citizens Climate Cup (ECCC) is a competition of householders within and between countries. By competing in a sports-like championship householders form national teams to achieve the...

Smart-e buildings - yes we canEnable the building sector to contribute to reaching the 3 x 20 objectives (SMART-E BUILDINGS)

Start date 01/05/2010 - End date 30/04/2013 (Closed)
Smart-e buildings is a European-wide industry-led mobilisation campaign that uses Web 2.0 techniques to attract building owners and provide guidance through their decision making processes in...

Go Pedelec! (GO PEDELEC!)

Start date 01/09/2009 - End date 31/08/2012 (Closed)
The project first assesses the current state of the art and the trends of the international market of electric vehicles (wp2) with a focus on electric two-wheeled vehicles, informs municipal...


Start date 01/06/2009 - End date 31/05/2012 (Closed)
This project aimed to spread the 50/50 methodology from Germany (concept is established since 1994) to at least 50 schools in Spain, Italy, Finland, Hungary,Portugal,Poland,Greece and Slovenia. The...

More Options for Energy Efficient Mobility through Car-Sharing (MOMO CAR-SHARING)

Start date 01/10/2008 - End date 30/09/2011 (Closed)
The MOMO Car-sharing projects sought to establish and increase car-sharing as part of a new mobility culture. Car-sharing combined with alternative transport modes offers many people a more...

Intelligent Use of Energy at School (IUSES)

Start date 01/08/2008 - End date 31/01/2011 (Closed)
The project promoted among secondary school students and teachers a more efficient way of using energy in every day life. IUSES developed a behaviour oriented educational kit including: handbooks,...


Start date 23/12/2008 - End date 22/12/2011 (Closed)
Thousands of refrigerators, TVs, cars and all kind of energy consuming equipment are available on the market. Consumers cannot compare and chose judiciously: no information available, no time, too...

Stimulate students to make an energy difference through local & European idea competitions and entrepreneurial services. (ENERGY2B)

Start date 01/05/2009 - End date 30/04/2012 (Closed)
ENERGY2B was an energy innovation stimulating project that targetted university students in 5 EU countries and encouraged them to transform their 'eco-energy' ideas and innovations into new start...

BAMBINI - Socialisation towards clean and energy efficient transport (BAMBINI)

Start date 01/06/2009 - End date 31/05/2012 (Closed)
BAMBINI aims to change the current mobility behaviour of the population that favours car use. It will achieve this by targeting children (age 0-6) and their parents. Conditioning in favour of the...