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Renewable Energy Sources Transforming Our Regions - Hydro (RESTOR HYDRO)

Start date 06/06/2012 - End date 05/06/2015 (Closed)
Unrealised potential for economically feasible and environmentally sustainable small and micro hydropower generation exists in the thousands of historic water wheels, mills and weir sites in the EU...

Promotion of the use of renewable energies small scale systems in mountain territories (RURAL-RES)

Start date 01/10/2008 - End date 31/03/2011 (Closed)
RURAL-RES aims to promote renewable electricity production by supporting local development of grid-connected mini-hydro power plants and off-grid mini-wind installations in mountainous areas of the...

Stream Map for Small Hydropower in the EU (SHP STREAMMAP)

Start date 01/06/2009 - End date 30/06/2012 (Closed)
The action aims at defining a clear and consistent Stream Map for the small hydropower sector (SHP: Small HydroPower refers to hydropower plants with an installed capacity of 10 MW) in Europe,...

Certification for HydrO: Improving Clean Energy (CH2OICE)

Start date 01/09/2008 - End date 28/02/2011 (Closed)
The proposed action (duration: 09/2008 – 02/2011) aims at developing a technically and economically feasible certification procedure for hydro power generation facilities of high environmental...

Strategies to promote small scale hydro electricity production in Europe (SMART)

Start date 15/01/2008 - End date 14/01/2011 (Closed)
Small Hydro Power (SHP) generation is an important way to reduce the greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions, but there are many non-technological barriers that hinder further development of this...