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MLEI PSEE Alsace – Region of Alsace (FR) (MLEI PSEE ALSACE)

Start date 22/06/2014 - End date 22/01/2015 (Closed)
The Alsace Region’s "Energy-Climate-Air" Plan sets targets for 2020 and 2050, in the context of the implementation of regional, national or European measures.The achievement of these objectives and...

MLEI SOLANOVA – City of Újbuda and Pest County (HU) (MLEI SOLANOVA)

Start date 22/06/2014 - End date 22/01/2015 (Closed)
Panel buildings built by industrialized technology are an illustrative problem of Hungary and EasternEurope. These multi-family buildings do not meet current standards because they have huge...

MLEI Oxford Total Retrofit (OTR)

Start date 29/11/2012 - End date 28/11/2015 (Closed)
One of the biggest challenges for small and medium-sized local authorities is to prepare sustainable energy and retrofit projects which are big enough to be considered bankable by finance...


Start date 01/06/2013 - End date 31/05/2016 (Closed)
Energy consumption depends on our lifestyles and on the efficiency of our buildings, and the heating, cooling and lighting systems we use. Everybody should have access to the minimum amount of...

Low Energy Apartment Futures (LEAF )

Start date 25/03/2013 - End date 24/03/2016 (Closed)
LEAF (formerly LER-MUH) aims to overcome the current limitations surrounding EPCs and multi-ownership in multi-occupancy housing. Technical and Engagement Toolkits are being developed to help...

Promotion of used cooking oil recycling for sustainable biodiesel production (RECOIL)

Start date 02/05/2012 - End date 01/05/2015 (Closed)
RecOil aims to increase sustainable biodiesel production and its local market intake by enhancing the household used cooking oil (UCO) collection and transformation. Biodiesel produced from UCO...


Start date 01/11/2011 - End date 30/04/2013 (Closed)
The Residential and Commercial/Public Sector accounted for approximately 43% of energy consumption in Ireland in 2009 (SEAI, 2010). Data from the Quarterly National Household Surveys (CSO, 2011)...

OILECO VALUE CHAINS: Fostering Public-Private Partnerships for the Local Bio-Energy Market Value Chains of Used Cooking Oils (OILECO)

Start date 01/07/2011 - End date 31/03/2014 (Closed)
The action is geared to the promotion of public-private partnerships (PPP) for the realization of OILECO value chains: Used Cooking Oil (UCO) collection, regeneration, and energy valorisation...

Top quality energy efficient lighting for the domestic sector (PREMIUMLIGHT)

Start date 01/05/2012 - End date 31/10/2014 (Closed)
A smooth and effective transition from old inefficient lighting technology to highly efficient lighting requires further supportive measures and information services for the consumer. The central...

ACtions in low income Households to Improve energy efficiency through Visits and Energy diagnosis (ACHIEVE)

Start date 21/04/2011 - End date 20/04/2014 (Closed)
How to help low-income households making significant savings on their energy consumption and bill, while giving value to already existing proposals that already proved to be economically, socially,...