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"Environmental peer-to-peer education for youths with focus on smart use of Information and Communication Technologies" (useITsmartly)

Start date 03/04/2013 - End date 02/04/2016 (Closed)
For young people IT use is an important part of their everyday life but for the majority of them the awareness for environmental impacts of IT use and knowledge about how to save energy while using...

Provincial technical Assistance Resources for Investments and Development on Energy efficiency (PARIDE)

Start date 01/10/2012 - End date 30/09/2015 (Closed)
Since September 2009, the Province of Teramo has been recognised as a Supporting Structure for the 47 municipalities of the province.All municipalities have joined the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) and...

Monitoring of EU and national energy efficiency targets: ODYSSEE-MURE 2010 (ODYSSEE-MURE 2010)

Start date 11/05/2010 - End date 10/11/2012 (Closed)
The ODYSSEE MURE project had three main objectives: 1.Evaluate and compare energy efficiency progress by sector for EU countries and for the EU as a whole, and relate the progress to the observed...

Common appliance policy – All for one, One for all – Energy Labels (COMEON LABELS)

Start date 01/12/2010 - End date 31/05/2013 (Closed)
The ComeOn Labels project aimed at collecting, summarising and sharing the best European experience related to the energy labelling of household appliances and defining and applying the most...


Start date 23/12/2008 - End date 22/12/2011 (Closed)
Thousands of refrigerators, TVs, cars and all kind of energy consuming equipment are available on the market. Consumers cannot compare and chose judiciously: no information available, no time, too...

ATLETE: Appliance Testing for Energy Label Evaluation (ATLETE)

Start date 01/06/2009 - End date 31/07/2011 (Closed)
The main goal of the ATLETE project was to increase European-wide implementation and control of energy labelling and eco-design implementing measures for appliances. The developed methodology is...

Residential Monitoring to Decrease Energy Use and Carbon Emissions in Europe (REMODECE)

Start date 01/01/2006 - End date 30/06/2008 (Closed)
The project evaluated how much electricity could be saved by the use of the most efficient appliances and by the reduction of standby consumption. The research focused mainly new electronic loads...


Start date 01/01/2006 - End date 31/12/2008 (Closed)
The aim of this project is to promote eco-efficient cold and lighting products in the household and tertiary sectors in six countries using promoter initiatives and consumer projects aimed at...

The European GreenLight Programme in New Member States (NEW GREENLIGHT)

Start date 01/01/2006 - End date 31/12/2008 (Closed)
New GreenLight extends the GreenLight project, launched in 2000, to the new EU member states. Under GreenLight, private and public organisations committed themselves to reducing energy use for...

GreenLabelsPurchase - making a greener procurement with energy labels (GREENLABELSPURCHASE)

Start date 01/01/2006 - End date 30/06/2008 (Closed)
This project aims to increase the use of energy labels in the procurement processes of public authorities, the tertiary sector, industry and SMEs. It hopes to develop standardised tools to support ...